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New pets????

Apr 20, 2010
For the new pets for lvl58. Do the lvl60 get the quest or get the pet some how?Well if not it'll be unfair to the legendarys that work so hard to beat every world and to get to lvl60 and we dont get our school pets :(!!

Cant wait till the world comes out though. So excited!!!!

Isaac Stormcloud(lvl60 Storm)
Isaac Lifegem(lvl42 Life)
Isaac Iceglade(lvl18 Ice)

Jul 05, 2009
I am sure that they will figure something ouy for the hundreds of legendaries out there. Half the players today are legendaries so if KI doesn't cope with half their players, that would be a surprise.

Community Leader
Wizard101 did state that even if you are Level 60, you will get your new Level 58 pets! So don't fret. Soon, you will be given a new school quest from your teacher and then you have to complete it. But once you complete it, you will meet your new school pet that you can take home with you! :D

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