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My chance of getting a new pet: 0%

Jul 27, 2011
So here's the thing. I have tried hatching pets to get a differnt one for a while now, but appreantly,fate want's me to stick with my beast pet. So far I have tried 4 times and ened up with the same thing. The first time, my friend and I tried with her Frost Hound and we both got the same thing we already had. So the next day we tried again and she got my beast. I got it too. Yesterday I tried with this other dude, and once more, beasty came back. Today, the first guy I ment didn't have enough gold to hatch with me. When I was about give up, someone with a Firce Hound came. We hatch and, no suprise, I got a beast. Is this a glicth or something


Kristen Owleyes 67 Fire
David Crowhammer 31 Life
Grace Darkriver 16 Death
Saffron Thunderweilder 6 Storm

Aug 12, 2011
I know how you feel because i was hatching with my crow and i only keep getting crow when i first started with one now i have 13 o well try and try again.

any who getting off topic

i call them pets "plague pets" because no matter how many times you try you get the pet you had and i think its eather that pet is perfect for you or it has a higher change of getting it the ones i know of now are

Life Bat
Ice Hound
and of what you say the beast pet
Idk of any others

All i can really say is try and try again

Jul 27, 2011
Yes it is a plague pet becasue I hatch with this other person for a Thunderbird. Low and behold, my egg is fire. Again. Mabye i should stick with the Heckhound I have. Or my Foo dog. *Glares at Blaze beast*

Apr 30, 2010
@above try the ice colossus, i got 26 of em from hatches....god i know its a lot but i cant just trash or sell em, not after wasting 50,000 gold

Aug 09, 2011
just use a diffrent pet of yours or hatch with a pet that has a lower petagree than your pet (not positive about second idea) one more thing some trolls are plage pets