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Mega Snacks

Dec 15, 2008
Mega Snacks, leveling up a pet is hard without them. In fact, I would be seriously impressed if anyone has leveled up a pet all the way to epic without them. Which is why I feel they need to be adressed. In my experience, a single Mega Snack Pack usually gives around 240-250 Pet Exp. So to level a pet up to Epic, you will need 8 Mega Snack Packs. Unless you buy crowns in large bundles, this is an equivalent of 20,000 crowns (40 Dollars) I believe this is not fair for wizards. Mega Snacks need to either an increase in the experience given or need to be dropped in price. For those of us who enjoy breeding pets you will usually spend around 100$! This in my opinion is ridiculous. Please KI, let those who love this game enjoy the what is now labor of leveling up pets. I offer 3 solutions: 1. Allow Mega Snacks to be bought with Crowns (5000, for one snacks I think everyone could accept). 2. Raise the experience given by single snacks (instead of snacks giving 25, 30, and 50 make it 40, 60, and 100) or simply lower the price to 1000 crowns a pack. Thank you, and I seriously hope KI takes this to heart...

Sep 17, 2008
May 22, 2009
Instead of using crowns on mega snacks, you can use them to buy couch potatoes. On a regular harvest they usually drop level 7 snacks and on elder harvest they drop level 9 snacks along with a seed to replenish.

Also, if you are legendary, you can farm the waterworks for mega snacks. Each boss drops one.

Another way to get mega snacks without crowns is to plant prickly bear cactus. They often give sun fruit as a reward.

I have one wizard that grows all the mega snacks, and one that trains pets and farms the waterworks. Between just those two wizards, I have not had to use crowns for mega snacks.

Hannah Lifebringer Level 60 Life

Mar 13, 2011
Just as an FYI, I am not sure if anyone noticed this but KI may have increased the drop rate (or reintroduced) Hambrosia on Luska. I have fought Luska about a billion (give or take 999.99 million) times and had never received a Ham. Yet two days ago someone on my team got one, and then yesterday I got it twice in a row.

Yummy 50-point snack!

Mar 28, 2010
The only way i got my phoenix to epic is because epic snacks and had to do waterworks like one million times :( and it's a hard dungeon! cant there be a easy way to get them. Well i dont blame you for not putting them in bazaar cause people would go mad for them and fight all day and it would be ridicolus