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Looking to hatch a Pink Pixie

Dec 10, 2010

I'm trying to collect all the fairy/pixie pets I can, and I need help hatching a Pink Pixie (Or any of the pixies that look the same, e.g, Roseate, Carnation etc)

I don't care about stats at all, so any pink pixie will be fine!

I don't really have much to offer in terms of pets with stats. My current "breedable" pets are:

• Phoenix (Tigra):
STATS - Health Boost, Spell-Proof, Relentless

• Phoenix (Sassy):
STATS - Pip O'Plenty, Mana Boost, Fire Shield

• Ghost Dragon (Sadie):
STATS - Wise, Forceful

• Unicorn (Chance)
STATS - Wise, Life-Shot

• Helephant (Heidi),
STATS - Pip O'Plenty, Fire Proof

• Burning Pixie (Madame Ruby),
STATS - Health Gift, Screen, Gifted

• Dragon (Cassie),
STATS - Wise, Hearty

I am also up for training any of my other pets, since there's the double EXP for members right now
I can give you my full pet list if you aren't interested in hatching with any of the pets above.

If anyone is looking for a hatching partner for breeding hybrid pets/help with pet collection and NOT stats, let me know! I love collecting pets

We can agree a date, time and realm later if anyone is interested!

Sophia Dreamcrafter