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Looking for specific pet talents

Feb 23, 2009
Hey fellow Wizards!

I was hoping someone could help me out. I've been working super hard trying to find the perfect pet for my Ice Wizard. As of right now I have been working on an all ward/resistance type of pet. Though I recently saw someone with pet talents/stats that would be absolutely perfect for me (Probably even better than the ward pet I was working on!). Problem is,I can't find anyone to hatch with or find it in the kiosk!

So I was coming here hoping that either someone could help me figure out how I could get a pet like that or be nice enough to hatch with me a few times! That would be absolutely fantastic!

Basically, I'm not sure what all the talents are exactly, but I can take a guess at them maybe. I think 3 of the 5 talents need to be:

- Mighty
- Unshakeable
- Tenacious
- Powerful
- Relentless

With the last two being Spell Proof and Spell Defying! This would add up to an awesome 21% resist! The talents brought the spell defy up to 7% and spell proof up to 14%.

If anybody could help me out on this, I would GREATLY appreciate it! Thank you so much in advance!!