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Looking for Level 98 Pet To Hatch With

Jul 28, 2010
Hi, my name is Joseph Ogreblood, and i am looking for someone who has one of the level 98 pets (Prefferably not one of the hybrids, and not the deep levy) I need a pet that I can put on all of my accounts, and unfortunately, my Deep Levy isn't going to work out.
My Deep levy that you would be hatching with is currently Epic, and soon to be Mega.
His current traits are:
1. Fairy Friend
2. Spell Proof (9% Resist)
3. Energizing Battery
4. Fearless Fortifier

I think he might also have unicorn, I will update this on his 5th talent when he is mega.

Ideally, The Pet I am hatching with would have the same, or very similar talents. If you are interested, you can reach me at the pet pavillion on Unicorn Realm 1 on wednesday, July 2nd At 3:00 PM EST
Thanks, Joseph Ogreblood (Level 70 Storm)

May 21, 2011
hey joseph Benjamin dragon flame when would you like to meet I commented on my question on what time would be good I am free thurs fri Saturday and sunday whatever is best please tell me time and realm