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Looking for a Mechanical Owl pet!

May 16, 2017
I've been looking for a pet that fits the aesthetic of my character and the mechanical owl fits almost perfectly! I bought a ton of Immortal's Hoard packs and not a single one had the owl. If anyone has a mechanical owl for trade (if it's even possible to trade pets) or hatch with any of my adult pets please let me know. I also have some treasure cards I can give as well.

- Tabitha Duskthief

Oct 07, 2012
I was luckily able to get one of the mechanical owl pets. it's already an adult, so I'm willing to hatch with you. I don't need any TCs, already at max gold. But if you would like to hatch, please reply so we can setup a hatch meetup! Thanks- Katie FrostFlower, level 76 Death