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Looking for a hatching meetup

Jan 27, 2012
I've just recently got a storm pet that will due well for my soloing style of play, but now I need pets for my other three characters.
Preferably, I am looking for a myth pet with at least three damage talents and proof, a death pet with the same thing, or an ice pet with double resist double damage and fairy or infallible (magus pvp)

I have an aqua dragon with proof, pain giver, and 3 healing talents (or one with two if you dont want sprite in your pool) as well as an array of pets that are not trained but I can easily get to adult if you're wanting to get a specific pet.

If you have any of the pets that are described above (similar pets are more than welcome also), please leave a reply in the comments of when and where you would like to meet up. Note that I'm unable to get on until around 5:30 eastern time so please take that into consideration.
I would really like some help in getting my new pets started and any help anyone can give me will be greatly appreciated.