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Levling up PETS

May 19, 2009
Would if it be great that PETS get it own quests! Maybe that zebra guy in Golem Court will give nice good pet rewards. For one you chose an pet and start an adventure all your quest will be random so no worries. There would be daily and random quest and you'll be walking with no owner but by your own! Pets wandering in wizard city doing quests! How awesome is that?
Besides that it will give another nice feature when your bored in wizard101.
And best way to have fun while gaining exp for your pet!
Beside that it be an funner way to level up even though it takes longer its better sit on the computer and play 100 min games. Maybe we can travel into pet worlds never known, maybe pets can save spiral?, maybe it can talk in pet language to other pets!

I Hope you KI workers think about this. It be great way for people that when they finishing there quest they can start there pets and level them!

Maybe pets spells? This lies in your hands everybody!

Say you agree and we might convince KI!

Anyone agree? Anyone disagree?

Mar 04, 2010
Jul 15, 2009
Feb 26, 2009
One word; Pwnsome. :D

Fiona Starcatcher, Grandmaster Necromancer.
And Jessie the wraith.

May 29, 2009
Yeah in the corner of the screen where the wizads are it says pets and then they are like secret agents that have to beat Malistaires pet Wraith.

Mar 27, 2009
Great Idea! I hate playing the minigames over and over just to level your pet! It would be awesome to do mini pet quests. And whoever had the wraith idea, that rocked! Your pet vs Malistare's wraith! I love it! And no more waiting for pet energy!