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Is this normal?

May 05, 2009
Hello everyone!

I'm new to hatching and just tried it out, and had some questions about the hatching results. Didn't have alot of luck finding "good" info on this.

Hatched with a friend, she had Collusus (Ice) and I had Orthrus (Myth)
1st Hatch: we both got duplicates of our school pets
2nd Hatch: Friend got Sandman (Hybrid), I got a duplicate of my school pet
3rd Hatch: (hasn't hatched yet) I got another egg that is identical to the previous 2 hatchings. Friend got a "Mysterious" egg with a hatch time of 24 hours. A.K.A. a Hybrid

(My Orthrus was an Adult for 1st and 2nd try and was Ancient for 3rd try)

Hatched with my daughter: she had Helephant (Fire) and I had Wraith (Death)
1st try: She got Death Oni (Hybrid) and I got a duplicate of my school pet.

(My wraith was at Ancient level for our 1st try)

So here are my questions:
1) Really?!?! LOL
2) Is this normal?
3) Thought I read somewhere that hatching partners would get matching pets. Is that old or inaccurate info?

Thanks for the info / help everyone.

May 13, 2009
To answer your questions:

1) yeah it happens, I'm used to it.(I have Epic Helephant)

2) It's completely normal. I think that I have seven other Helephants besides my original in my house, plus several hybrids, Ice Oni, 2 Death Oni, Maelstrom Oni(from mix with Stormzilla), and an Inferno Hound(from mix with Orthrus). Sometimes, even though you get a copy of your original pet, it will gain an ability that was natural to the pet you hatched with, one of my Helephants that I hatched with a Stormzilla has the Storm-proof ability, so if you train up your duplicate pets, you might get one with different, even better and rarer abilities than your original pet.

3) No hatching partners do not get identical pets as each other, sometimes I get a copy of my pet and the other gets a hybrid, and vice versa. sometimes we get the same hybrid pet and sometimes we get different hybrid pets, for with the school pets from the level 48 quests, there are two different hybrid pet combinations. For instance if you hatched your Wraith with my Helephant, we could both get either a Death Oni or an Archfiend (a red Wraith).

May 05, 2009
Thanks for the info.

I kinda figured that would be the answer.

I'll give it a few more tries then I'm done with it.

Don't have a lot of patience for these types of things.

Thanks again!