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Is there any list on hatching terms?

Jul 25, 2009
Hello, this is my 1st time posting here and was wondering if there was list of hatching terms like hybrid, etc. Was curious to see what term is for pets that have their original talents remained unchanged.

A+ Student
Dec 24, 2009
"Was curious to see what term is for pets that have their original talents remained unchanged."

Maybe you mean "first generation." That's what we call pets that are pure, not hatched.

"First Generation pets are pets obtained through drops, quest rewards, crowns purchases, or any other method that does not involve breeding pets in the Pet Hatchery."

Read more: Category:First Generation Pets - Wizard101 Wiki http://www.wizard101central.com/wiki/Category:First_Generation_Pets#ixzz52aNtpOv3

Hybrids are pets of two distinct types (often school-reward pets) that, when hatched together, create a completely new kind of pet. The baby will look very different and have different kinds of cards than both of its parents, but it's talents and stats will be a combination of the two parents.

Example: Ice's Colossus combined with Life's Satyr, may form a new pet called the Frostcaller. She looks like a blue angel Seraph.

Here's a whole list of hybrids currently known:


Alia Misthaven

Sep 24, 2009
Yeah it's on the forums for pets I've got a link right here for you my friend

And if you can't find them in that selection of pets just go to the search bar in the top and type in the name of the pet you are looking for and it should pop up with a small box with the results.

Hope This Helped

Mar 28, 2011
Here are a few terms you'll see pretty often.

Species aka Body-type = the physical appearance of a pet. Some come with card(s) that are given automatically at baby or certain level of training. Those are locked to the pet.type, unlike cards given as talents.
First gen or first generation = a pet that was bought, dropped, or came as a quest reward, not hatched. All first gen pets of a specific type start with the same possible talents.
Second gen = a pet hatched from first gen
Third gen (and higher) = a pet that is the product of more than one hatch.
Talents = things that pets give you for combat. They may be:
- card talents = adds spell(s) to your deck
- boosts to wizard stats = adds damage, resist, accuracy, pip chance, etc
- may-cast adds chance of pet casting a spell, such as healing or aura
- Derby Abilities = things a pet can do in a derby race, such as speed boosts or adding obstacles to other players.
- "Selfish" talents = boost the pet's attributes, not the wizards. This doesn't directly help the player, but can make talents like resist or damage stronger. It also lowers cheer cost for derby, so these are high value for racing pets.

- Attributes aka "stats" = numerical values strength, intellect, agility, will, power. These determine the ultimate levels for combat stat boosting talents, and for derby cheer. Generally higher is better.
- Max Stats -- the highest possible values for attributes. Originally this was all 250. Now "new max" or "2.0" stats are 255,250,260,260,250
- Talent Pool, Pool = the possible 10 talents and 10 derby abilities that a pet might get.
- Manifested or Expressed talents = the unlocked, active talents from the pool. A fully trained pet gets 5 for combat and 5 for derby.
- Talent sets = groups of talents that work together for specialized goals. These are found on pets that have been highly developed by repeated hatching. Common ones are damage, resist/healing, derby racer, utility gardening, and resist/damage combos

Mar 28, 2011
oh, and Hybrids are offspring body types that aren't one of the original parents. This only happens from specific pets, usually school types.

Cloning = to copy another players pet stats, talents, and pool through repeated, selective hatching
Leveling = training a pet up to unlock the next talent and ability