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Introducing the Fortune Teller!!

Mar 29, 2010
My name is Perceptus Omniscience, and I have arrived in the Spiral to help you in your pet adventures (I picture one of the elephants with the turban from Zafaria)!! During my time in Zafaria I mastered the art of delving into the souls of all creatures, unlocking the key to their futures. I will explain how I offer my services, and guarantee 100% accurate results:

In order for my powers to function properly, you must equip the pet you are curious about. Then, come to my new booth in the pet pavillion. I can gaze upon your equipped pet and give you a glimpse of what the next talent is your pet will learn. For baby pets, this means I will be able to open your mind to the talent they get at teen, and when you train them to teen, I can then show you what they will learn at adult, and so on. Now, as your pet develops, it takes more effort for me to see the future, and as time is money, my fees increase as your pet increases. Here is a fee schedule for my services (I'm not sure on exactly what fees would be appropriate, I'm open to suggestions):

Teen prediction: 200 crowns
Adult prediction: 400 crowns
Ancient prediction: 800 crowns
Epic prediction: 1600 crowns
Mega prediction: 3200 crowns

Why invest in my services, you ask? Well, I will increase your efficiency as you build your perfect pet by helping you decide whether to continue training your pet, or stop where it is and use it as a breeder to try to reach perfection. But my services don't end there!! I also offer a variety of snake oil potions (for a nominal fee) which will offer various permanent benefits to your pets. Some examples:

Healin' Feelin': increase the rate of may cast healing talents by 1%, can be applied twice per pet
Adrenaline Rush: increase the rate of may cast talents that apply damage boosts of any kind (blades, traps, auras, global spells, attacks) by 1%, can be applied twice per pet
Iron Man: increase rate of may cast talents that apply a defensive bonus of any kind (shields, cleanses, pierce, shatter, weakness, black mantle, dispels, enfeeble, etc) by 1%, can be applied twice per pet
Hero Power: if applicable, will turn any card that your pet provides into a may cast talent, but takes away the card from your deck (should this include attacks, or just things like blades, traps, etc?)

So, who would like to be my first customer?