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Instead of trashing pets...pet adoption?

Nov 27, 2013
Wouldn't it be nice if KI would have a pet sanctuary where we could take the pets that we don't want and pay (a small amount) of crowns to make sure that the pet would be taken care of or find a good home, and KI could use some of the crowns to support a real-world animal adoption center or sanctuary?

May 12, 2012
I have a bunch of good pets, then I have the ones that I had when I was in the world of wizard city. I hate the idea of "trashing" them because that sounds cruel. I really like the idea of the adoption of pets. Some wizards have really good pets, say if the pet gave a really good spell at adult, but the wizard who owns it is either not good at the pet pavilion games or doesn't have time for them. Then the wizard could simply put the pet up for adoption and see if there is another pet that he/she wanted that is up for adoption. The wizard could then adopt the pet. Another example is if a wizard really wants a pet but doesn't know where to buy it. They can see if that pet is up for adoption. Also if there is a pet that costs crowns, but the person's parents are not willing to let them buy crowns, they can see if the pet is up for adoption for gold. If a wizard has many pets, but can't fit them in their house or they do not use them, they can put those pets up for adoption for some one else to enjoy. I remember when I tried to put pets in my house but their was no room for them anywhere, in my bank, backpack, ANYWHERE!!! I was forced with the decision to "trash" my pet. The pet was very powerful, but I had one that was stronger. I felt guilt once I agreed to "trash" my pet. In conclusion, I think the idea of pet adoption is a very good idea. If they added pet adoption to Wizard101, I would be one of the many people to use it.