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If you Hatch a Pet Do You Keep its Parents?

Jun 25, 2009
I am looking to hatch my pets but I am afraid that I will lose its parents that I worked hard on... Please respond if you know that answer.

Apr 12, 2011
you keep the parents why wouldn't you?
so yes you keep the parents KI isn't going to say o you got a new et you dont need this one now

so to sum it up you keep parents

Blaze raventail
transcended pyromancer

Jun 30, 2011
May 31, 2009
You should ask yourself is the parent worth keeping? I have no other option but to hatch pets with Bad traits and would love to delete them BUT they are school pets and I would love for the school pet to give me something I can bebefit from in a fight.
Like Hydra, I have three Hydra two are parents and all three are only worth deleting. I have two accounts and hatch between the two, But on both accounts both parents are not worth the treats I used to level them. They really should be deleted but I would love to keep the school pet but why? It does not benefit my wizard any.
I have so many stormzillas running around it is not funny, and yet none are worth keeping or hatching with. I have been very disapointed with the pets in the game it is not funny. I have tried hatching as my rooms full of undesirable pets will show you. I have about decided that there are no good school pets with traits that will help a player. Made a mistake and hatched fire and stormzilla, I got a Heliphant gives a storm blade not fire blade but storm, I have no use for this. I need a Heliphant that gives a fire blade and stormzilla that gives a storm blade.
So I stop mix hatching. I bought crown pets thinking maybe I would get better traits, Didnt happen, The Life Oni pet Balance gave me worse traits than my school Hydra had. I stop buying pets, and have about stop hatching because I can see it going nowhere. Dont tell me it takes time, I have all the pets in the world running around level up and none came out any better than those I hatched them with, I kept a book and tracked it I know what I am speaking about. This is why I am about to stop hatching and pet leveling I can see by my written records its going nowhere.