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Hearing fake 10/5 comments

Oct 11, 2010
I did a donation hatch with someone and he said dang a fake 15. SAP are all 242+ real close to to 250 and his pet was 9.408 when doing the sap math. I was like fake dont matter you still see 10/5 right on proof defy. Not like 8 more on each will get you 11%/6% proof defy. I dont train dealer or sniper lines so the extra couple points in sap is not going to matter. Any other thoughts? i do have a 3x250 spud pet guess what still 10/5 proof defy so whats the point of having max sap when 9.51+ will get you 10/5? Why would someone who has no pets that are 10% even open their mouth and say that?

May 10, 2010
In battle, numbers do not round. So, unless a pet has 250 SAP, no matter what it says the pet is, it will only be a 14 resist pet. Only a pet with 250 on all 3 stats actually gets a 10 and a 5 resist, unless the pet has self talents to where it moves one of the categories up to make it 10 & 5, such as 270 strength 240 agility and 250 power.

So, why go through all the trouble? Well, usually for immunity.

Prime Example:
Using gear that gives you 85% resistance and you have a pet with 249, 250, 250 SAP but it will still only act as 14 even though it states 15. So, it shows you as having 100% resistance but you are not immune to spells. Now, take a pet with 250 SAP and you will have immunity to that spell.

This has been tested and verified.

hope this helps,

Sep 07, 2011
As Darth said your true battle stats don't round to whole numbers, only what displays so don't worry about it. There is only a small difference between "real" and "fake" 15. Either way its 14-point-something.