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Mar 05, 2010
Ok when you is hatching or you want to hatch by yourself anyways when you hatch be yourself you get the same pet you get so whats the point of hatching otherwise when you hatch with someone else you may get the same pet and the other get the pet they want or a pet that they dont already have. So what the point of hatching and you dont get the pet you want and the other person gets it or I get the pet the other person wants so to make thing fair you should have it where if you hatch with whatever pet you should get what ever pet not the same pet you hatching with same as for the person you hatch with. Or even if you hatch with yourself you still should get a different pet not the same pet you already have that makes it no fun or fair!!!

Apr 21, 2010
The primary purpose of Hatching is to get Talents you like.
Getting a different pet type is just an occasional bonus.