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Getting same pet when you hatch?

Feb 15, 2009
ebr2598 wrote:
Its a matter of luck its no bug. My main wizard is storm so I hatched many times with my stormzilla and got more stormzillas. I have hatched about 10-11 times and I have 3 mixes you will get them eventually so keep trying but you have to be a little dedicated to get a mix. Happy Hatching :) ~Emily RubyPetal
this is so not ture

Aug 28, 2009
I agree, I've bred my wraith a few times and just got back more wraiths

I think they should make it that you never get your exact pet back, even if it looks the same give the card the other person's pet gave. I've wasted so much money and time, just to get a pet I already have and now can only sell for a measly few hundred.

but seriously what am I gonna use 5 wraiths for? I only have/want 1 necromancer! I don't know what KI was thinking to make it so expensive...

Jun 03, 2009
kwlchik10 wrote:
i hatched my stormzilla with an orthrus hoping to get tempest hound and i was really excited because it was my first time hatching but when the egg hatched i got another stormzilla! i was so mad because i really wanted the tempest hound i was making a storm collection and the last thing i needed was another storm pet and the worst part is you cant sell them for the hatching price so i couldnt hatch again please fix this or at elast let us sell the pet for the hatching price

I feel the same way! I hatched with a dream ghoul yet i got another heckhound!! I wanted a super rare pet yet i got another heckhound!! I wish i got a inferno ghoul or a dream hound. now that would be cool. but instead i got another heckhound. I am not hatching again until i know i can get a rare mixed pet.

Jun 06, 2009
I haven't tried this myself, but it souds like it would work. Supposedly, you can't get a pet you can't equip from a hatch. My idea is to transfer a pet from one character to another character that can't equip that pet. Then hatch, and you will be guaranteed to get a hybrid. Example:
I transfer my Stormzilla from my Storm character to my Myth character. My Myth character hatches his Stormzilla with a Wraith. My Myth character cannot equip a Wraith nor a Stormzilla, so he MUST get either a Grimzilla or Tempest.

Jan 01, 2011
Mar 04, 2010
1TheDarkKnight12 wrote:
thunderbird120 wrote:
It's not a bug and it's fine the way it is. That's why the pet's are rare, it took me 5 tries and i'm not complaining.

i hate when people post this! these people have a decent pet cause they got LUCKY first shot and think its cool to have things other pople cant get, which is stingy and rude to me!

I personaly have lots of rare stuff, so trust me i am down to work hard for rare things and i enjoy being special in the game (matter of fact i won a extra pvp robe to stich for a special outfit to wear no one could copy easily, apon other things i do to stay unique) BUT this pet thing is a HUGE scam for some people!!!

I hatched 5 pets so far and giot NOTHING USABLE! i spent a good deal over 200,000 gold so far and $20 in crowns on trying to get a new pet better then the ones i own, and i have yet to get anything, and when i sell them i get 500 gold each, so 2500 gold in exchange for 200,000+ gold and $20 in crowns? dude you are insane if you think this sytem is fair!!!!

Why dont people stop protecting the system that is SUPER FLAWED and defend the fellow players who are getting ripped and wasteing time farming gold from enemies everyday for hours and then training pets for hours to get nothing in the end, why not make it fair for your friends on your friend list and let us all try to get a cool pet we like!

Its just stingy to say something like this, stingy and rude, cause they got lucky the first few hatches, good for them, to bad they are out numbered by the ammount of people getting ripped, i would like to see this pet system change!!! FAST!
I agree with you completely. Why dont you help the people who are getting ripped off instead of giving them reasons not to complain?

Mar 24, 2009
center591 wrote:
I agree with you completely. Why dont you help the people who are getting ripped off instead of giving them reasons not to complain?

Seriously you guys. You're acting like it's such a big deal. It's really not. There are many ways to get gold quickly in this game. Go to Grizzleheim and fight the Coven. Usually about 2-3k worth of loot is dropped there per fight if you go to the Bazaar. Or go to Stormriven and fight the Pylon bosses. There's usually a lot of people there to help, you usually get awesome stuff you keep for yourself, and each item sells for between 2k-4k! I fought in Stormriven for 2 hours yesterday, fighting all the different bosses. When I went to the bazaar to sell all my loot, I was up to over 75k! It's not difficult to get the money. People are just lazy and want everything handed to them. I've tried NUMEROUS times to get some hybrids with my Stormzilla. The only one I've got is the Fatezilla (Balance Hybrid). I've tried each other school at least three times each to no luck. Am I complaining? No. I just go back to Stormriven or Grizzleheim and get to work.