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Frost Hound / Ice Hound

Jan 31, 2009
Dear Professor Greyrose,

Help Please!
Something I don't understand on rare pets hatching/level 48 pets.
When hatching our school pets, in a successful hatch for a hybrid, the card is:
1 - available at baby
2 - still the same hit/heal, i.e. - all Satyr hatched w/another school pet = a hybrid pet, with Satyr, even though the appearance may change, such as a Frost Caller.

What I don't understand is:
Why was the Frost Hound, Orthrus, card at baby, removed and replaced with Ice Hound, ice hit, train to epic?
The Nightwalker 1 (successful hatch of Wraith and Orthrus) was formally available, basically a Death Minotaur, hit at ancient. That hybrid pet was removed, replaced with a Nightwalker 2, Wraith hit, card at baby - consistant with Wraith hybrids.

ALL other school pet hybrid hatches follow this pattern, EXCEPT Ice Hound, which is not consistant in the school pet/hybrid hatches. This to me makes no sense and also makes the Ice Hound nothing special for ice, whereas the Nightwalker 1 remains a special pet for death. Any pet that needs to be trainied to ancient or epic in order to use the card should be something special, imho.
Please give us back our Frost Hounds.
Thank you,
Erin, GM Myth

Feb 14, 2009
Jan 30, 2009
ty for the post erin...

i originally thought the ice hound and death mino. would be a special pet considering it took me 10 trys....