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Fire Pet

May 07, 2016
When is the lowest level I can get a fire pet? I am currently level 20 and wondering if anyone knows a boss I can farm that has a fire pet that gives a card when trained or at baby.

Nicholas Firebreath

A+ Student
Dec 24, 2009
You can buy a Fire Cat for 1600 gold in Wizard City. It's a really cheap pet

Kiwu in the Tomb of Storms drops the Mander pet.

Prince Manu Narini and also Ra (takes a wooden skeleton key) drop a Fire Salamander pet that comes with a card.

In the Vault of Ice, the Keeper of the Fang drops a Krokomummy that comes with a Fire card. This pet also drops from Ra.

Krampus (takes a wooden skeleton key) drops a Fire Elf.

These are very low level pets for the most part, although Ra also drops some great Crowns pets that are not Fire, like the Mummy Cat. To get really good pets, you'll either have to wait and level up, or buy one, or try to hatch with someone. Hatching will cost you between 25,000 - 50,000 gold for each hatch. Better pets cost more.

Alia Misthaven