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Fighting Pets and Derby pets

May 31, 2009
I wanted to say, as much trouble I am having getting my pets to show traits that will help me in a fight, I would be willing to buy a Fighting pet that would give only fighting traits and pay double the crowns price.
While you spend Gold and time trying to hatch a good pet with Benefits like Damage or pips or Blades, even traps and Mana and extra health , all those traits that help you when you enter a fight. I would love to see the game come out with just Fighting pets a class of their own to hatch in the class of their own. But the Kicker, It will cost you double the price in crowns. I made a big mistake hatching my Myth Dog with Ice, The dog will give a Ice Blade But I just dont use mixed spells on my wizards so this is no good for me. Maybe if I was in a fight and had a friend that was ice.
From this point on I will hatch Myth with Myth and life with life and so forth. It helps when you have two accounts to hatch within. You can compare the traits of each generation to the next.

Mar 08, 2009
I would check out the Wizard wiki for good pets. So you know what you could get before training. (mind you, the hatched hybrids stats depend on the parents, so it can inherit a derby talent or a fight talent. So check out the first generation pets section)

But overall, I recommend the sea dragon. It gives the best stats so far in the game.

May 31, 2009
My Oni Life Balance pet I got as a drop is showing these talents, Vigilant, Tenacious and Health gift. None of these will help my balance in a fight except maybe the Health. Since the Oni drop is not giving me fighting talents I can see no reason to keep it for future breeding because it is too random a chance of getting anything in future for fighting.
I am only glad I did not spend crowns on this pet. When I see this type pet develope the way it has I shy away from buying new pets with any crowns. In the game I have bought only one crown pet and I have been playing since there was no pets in game only school pets. I have been playing since before the gift cards came out. But from the results I have gotten from spending crowns on items, I no longer spend them. My Sea Dragon did the same thing the Oni pet is doing, no talents for a fight so why carry it into a fight? and why did I even buy it? With hopes it might get better? It should be better from when I bought it. So for me if it doesnt come as a drop, I wont purchase.
I now see why kids are burned out with the pet games, you have to play them so much to get so little in return.

Aug 10, 2010
If you are looking to hatch a better Balance pet, look for someone with a Snake in a basket. They have the same set of dueling talents as a Judgement pet and are a lot cheaper to hatch with.