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Favorite Looking Pets?

Dec 13, 2015
Recently I got a pet from a quest and I just thought it looked adorable, one of the cutest ones I've seen. This lead to me thinking about my favorite pets look wise.

My top 3 are:
1.) Mountain Yeti Pet
2.)Any beast pet (EX: Forest Beast, Blaze Beast, Strange Beast)
3.) Ghost Dragon, Skeleton dragon or any Shenlong dragons

What are yours? :) (Please keep in mind this is strictly about looks, not about stats)

May 12, 2009
I like just about any Orthrus hybrids that take on the double heads, with a special place in my heart for the Jade Hound. I also like the Fragmented Dragon.
Now that I think about it, I like most level 48 pet hybrids, including Lifezilla, Mythzilla, Grimzilla, Basilisk, Traveller, Maelstrom Oni, Archfiend, and many more.

I think what made those specific hybrids so special was how hard it was (and still can be) to obtain them. Unlike the level 58 pets, there is not a 100% chance of receiving a hybrid. It also depended on what school your pet was. So as a Life wizard (with Satyr) trying to hatch with Myth wizards (with Orthrus), I was much more likely to get a Satyr or Traveller than a Jade Hound.

Best of luck!

Nov 16, 2012
I love the kraken pets. I don't care if it's a storm, myth, or ice kraken I still love them

Mar 01, 2015
My favorite looking one is the Dapper Corgi. I find my Dapper Corgi really adorable, but stat wise, he isn't really good for me, because he is a pet, therefore gives me blades, which do not come in handy for a wizard. I also love how adorable the Lil' Siren pet is. I wish I had it, but nobody will hatch with me. They will either decline the request, not have enough gold, or not have an adult pet. Bt until then, I will sty with my Dapper Corgi.

Heather StarSong lvl 67
Jasmine SpellCaster lvl 25

May 07, 2015
mine favorite ones is the enchanted armament pet and the lil' siren pet.