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Does Anyone Play the Pet Derby?

Oct 15, 2009
Everytime I check there is no one in the cue anymore. If derby action is down to almost nothing I was wondering if KI will ever consider taking off that talents that only seem to benefit someone who would race.

It seem like a big waste and is alway a huge disappointment after spending so much time training the pet.

Jul 06, 2011
I don't race very often, and when i do, i usually come in 3rd or last. it also seems to take forever to just find opponents ( much less get them to confirm.)
plus it's hardly worth it, cause the rewards are small, which is the main reason most people don't play. usually there are more people waiting in the practice queue too.
Jason thundersword lvl 39 thaumaturge :D

Feb 11, 2010
I agree with the dude above me O: ^ It is better to train your pet to help you in battles rather than in derby... no one really plays it anymore o:

Apr 12, 2011
i get my talents for battles the derby i have tried my pet is actually really good at it but alas almost no one does derby anymore

May 31, 2009
I hear a lot that "people don't play derby anymore", but while it may be true that less people are playing, there is still a very healthy and competitive group out there that DOES do derby.

In fact, there are derby tournaments where you can match up against some of the real hard core racers - people who actually HATCH pets for Derby! There are also Course Records, a chance to be the best there ever was. Woah! Tournaments don't let you raise your rank as they are always done in practice, but if you enjoy derby and like a good challenge - like, say, racing against a pet with Mega Hurry, Super Hurry, Big Hurry and Supercharge - check them out!


Oct 24, 2010
I've played a couple of times, but yeah, it's a waste of time. I don't bother with it anymore.

Dec 25, 2011
The screen always gets stuck at : "waiting for opponent to confirm". Can't play any games as long as there is an inactive oponent in the queue or something like that?