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Do pet snacks affect a pet's talents?

Feb 13, 2010
This has been and will be one of the most debated topics in Wizard101. Many new people and even game veterans are always wondering how to get their pet to get certain talents.

Some people say that if you feed a pet snacks with more power, agility, and strength it will get resist talents. Or if you feed it snacks with intellect and will it will get may cast talents. This is not true

People will argue, "It says that it affects them when your looking at the different stats!" This is true, but only after the pet learns the talent. If you have a pet with resist or damage boost you will know that it starts out at 1% and then goes up to 8, 9, 10% or more with selfish talents.

I have numerous examples of why the snacks do not affect what talent your pet gets. However, I am not arguing about whether feeding them snacks they like or love will affect their talents and make them get "better" talents. I have not yet researched this.

For example, when you buy the Zafarian Bundle, which i myself have bought, you get a giraffe no matter what pet snacks you feed it, it will get spritely Please tell me if you see a giraffe whom's first talent is not spritely(unless of course they have been hatched). Some people say that this is just a rare occasion where Kingsisle wanted to guarantee the players a pet who would always get a good first talent. I am not saying for sure this is false, but it is evidence towards the fact that snacks don't affect what talent a pet gets.

I have two more examples from my own personal experience. I hatched a rain gnome with a beta fish and got another beta fish. I knew it carried proof and defy because both its parents did. I tried to train only agility, power and strength for resistance. I had appox. 35 agility, 30 power, 30 strength, and about ten of intellect and will. And i got fairy. So i thought that i would try again and train it to adult. When it reached adult it had over 100 of agility power and strength, and less than 35 of the other two. I got spritely. I tried to train it where there was no chance of it getting anything else but resist and it did. My conclusion was that no matter how much of one thing you train it, it will not get the talent you want!!

I had another beta fish. I decided from my last one that i wanted another healing pet, so i trained intellect and will. My first talent: spell proof. So i thought i would go ahead and try for spell defy. i trained agility, power and strength all that i could. I got Unicorn!!!!

So what determines what talents my pet will get? That comes from two things: what pets you hatch and luck. The talents are predetermined.
You cannot change the talents your pet gets by what snacks you feed them.

Please post your thoughts, new and old wizards.

Dustin Sky

Apr 17, 2009
No it's not true, I know this from personal experience.
Level 90Miguel (PvP Veteran)
Level 90Miguel (PvP Warlord)
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Mar 10, 2009