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Death Minotaur Pet w/ Card

Apr 03, 2010
Ok, I have a problem with this.

Shouldn't this pet cast it's own spell? Give a death minotaur card, as well as do the same amount of damage as the death minotaur card?

I mean, you guys fixed that glitch on the ice hound awhile ago, where it casts it's own spell, why can't you guys do the same thing for the death minotaur pet?

Jan 21, 2010
Death minotaur pet used to give a card. Then they made it a mutate for the sun school and took the card away from the pets. If you would like to be able to cast that spell. you need to learn myth up to minotaur then learn the mutate minotaur spell at level...56, I think....

Apr 03, 2010
You're not understanding my point.

Yes, they did take away the card from the pet and put wraith in it's spot. However, there are still pets that give that card... but when you play the card the pet gives, the pet doesn't dance... because it's not casting it. You are.

Same thing happened with the Ice Hound. It didn't dance right when it gave it's card. KI took the card away and changed it to give an orthrus card because a ton of people complained that it was giving ice a special card, while all the other classes didn't get a card for their school.

KI then updated it to where the old ice hound now dances while the player is using the spell. AFTER they changed it.

Why haven't they done this to the death minotaur pet? THAT is my question.

Since it's a death minotaur spell, why doesn't the card say "Death Minotaur" instead of Minotaur, and why doesn't it do the same amount of damage as a Death Minotaur spell?

The mutate minotaur spell doesn't have anything to do with what I'm talking about.