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dear firecat lovers

Dec 08, 2010
people may be annoyed when their favorite pet a firecat has a VERY low pedicree score. well i have made a shocking discovery! (ok so maybe HALF the people reading this know this but still its nice) when you mix a firecat with a different pet and find out you get a firecat, you may fell annoyed. well look again. i mixed a firecat with a flamezilla and got a firecat. i was just about to put it away when i saw its pedicree score. 42! so you can have a pet with a high pedicree score, and still make it a firecat! :D :D :D :D :D

Feb 24, 2009
so it is a high number? that does not surprise me. what happened that created that number what that your fire cat got a lot of talents and derby powers from the flamezilla or ANYTHING you hatched with. however there are a few things that make this hard or annoying:

1. the people in the hatchery now adays got there to GAIN new pets. unfortunately i dont see why anybody would hatch with a fire cat (other then fire bat hybrid)

2. the reason why the fire cat's first number was low was due to talents that nobody wants. this is why some people would switch to a different pet.

3. Remember, a fire cat does not give a card or have a may cast talent. if you can't get anyone to hatch with you, you MAY have to hatch using a different pet.

Daniel Wildhunter, Master Pyromancer

Jan 21, 2010
Mar 20, 2009
Apr 21, 2010
One reason to Hatch with a Firecat is because it's cheap.
So, when you are trying to get that other pet, a Firecat makes for a great parent. Same for creating low-pedigree school pets for cheap Hybrid attempts.

Jun 09, 2009
You mixed with a higher pedigree pet and got a higher pedigree firecat in return? That's what the hatchery was about.