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Curious Pet Question

Mar 14, 2009
I have been on/off playing for a few years with my daughters - they have recently 'aged' enough to really participate in W101 and are enjoying it a great deal.. Ala - Dad and girls play almost every day in the evenings now.

Somewhere along the line a year or 2 ago (I really don't recall?) I somehow ended up with a Friendly Dragon being either gifted or given to me. (I wasn't a paying member at the time, and was rarely on). I just recall logging in, getting a popup or something, and poof! I have this neat Friendly Dragon.

Which is very cool! I am seeing (now that I have gotten back into the game with my girls) that this pet is very fortunate - a 'Friendly Dragon' with a %51 (10) as an Adult currently.

My question is; How the heck did I get this little guy (Was there some promotion sometime back for them and I just so happened to have logged in on the 'right' day), and also - his stripes that he has, those will not follow over to other pets once I finally hatch something with him, is that correct?

In general - how long would it take through normal hatching of just dragons, to have one with such decent stats as this (minus the stripes)? (How much work did I luckily bypass?)

What sort of critters should I look to hatch with to get 'different' pets, or a higher chance of something different with this guy? (Is there like a 'hatching' chart somewhere I can look to see what others have already gotten from combinations?

Thanks ahead for any responses/insight you can give me!