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Best dropped pets for different schools

Jul 08, 2010
I am looking for 2 pets for my children, which would be the best for their schools, Storm and Ice.

Now I know people will have different reasons why a pet may be better then another, so I would ask that a brief explanation why would come with your suggestion.

Right now, my Storm son has Storman and my Ice daughter will have Snow Serpent, mainly based on the possibility of boosts to damage, resistance or accuracy and the card they give.

If there is something better, like Storm Hound (which I heard was dropped from Malistaire), that may be more of an option.

Please note, I am looking for a dropped pet, not a crowns bought pet.

Jul 08, 2010
I just got a ice bird not long ago, I put it on my level 12 ice mage and am enjoying it. so far only talent on it that 'helps' is a little ice resistance though.

I never tried a storm mage, but i have collected several storm pets. Unfortuanitly I have not raised any but the Storm cat, it casts a random storm shield on me (card at ancenit, ive only got it to adult)
I also have a blue cat thug pet (storm) i got from a drop and a storm bat from a drop. but I havn;t bothered to raise either

Jun 17, 2010
Im not sure if it still is but i here that silver sential in dragonspyre drops a pet. Icezilla ( not frostzilla from mixxing stormzilla and colasus )

Jul 15, 2009
IceZilla is no longer available as a drop - there are indicators that it might be brought in as a crafted pet.

I'd advise a pet that gets accuracy for either a storm or an ice character. (Storm has a stronger need for accuracy over damage)

Herkir's Storm Cat is a fairly easy pet drop, and the accuracy boost caps between 5 and 7 percent, depending on the passive traits. The card gives 540 damage and a 25% trap on the critter assuming it survives.

The Ice bird is another relatively easy pet drop, it can also give a good 5% accuracy bost if the talent presents.

Don't discount your 48 level pet - it may or may not have a talent present other than pip o'plenty that you find useful, but it can bolster a pet's overall stats and give you better accuracy or damage.