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Are Dropped Pets Still Available?

Jul 16, 2010
I am a Legendary Fire Wizard that has completed all available quests in all worlds. I spend most of my time now assisting younger wizards in thier game play, gardening, and trying to find dropped pets. Am I wasting my time trying to acquire these dropped pets Are these dropped pets still available to higher level wizards Or do high level wizards have to hatch pets to try and make a collection

My biggest problem with hatching I find is, because I lack "rare pets" no one will hatch their rare pet with my ordinary Helephant, or my ordinary Wildclaw. Each time I have been lucky enough to hatch I have received "my" ordinary pet once again.

Anyone please reply.

Thx and gl and gg :-D

Feb 17, 2011
Imagine the outrage if monsters stopped dropping pets for anyone :P

Of course monsters still drop pets! You just gotta try a bunch of times. I know I got a storm serpent from Dr. Krazistein and I think I got a pixie from Meowiartie or whatever their names are. Im trying to get whatever pet the Jade Oni has to offer but so far no good.

Keep trying and you'll get one :) I have a Stormzilla that I wouldn't mind hatching with your Helephant if I ever found you in the game

May 20, 2010
You'll have a better chance of getting this question answered if you post it in the Pets forum. Maybe a moderator will move it there.