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Advice on Death Pets

Dec 18, 2011
RYAN DEATHSTORM on Apr 24, 2017 wrote:
Ok so i've been hatching and leveling up pets for a while but want advice on what you guys did and what i should do next. BTW what i did was leveled pets up to adult to see if they had good stats if they did i hatched if not i sold, this is what i got from hatching so far.

I have 3 Avenging Fossil pets one at epic (with 5% death accuracy, MC spite, MC virulence and plague item card) one at ancient (with 4% death damage, MC sprite and deer knight item card) and another one at ancient (with MC deathspear, MC virulence and +17 death critical rating). I also have one ancient Deer Knight (with 4% death damage MC deathblade and deer knight item card) an ancient Red Ghost (with 2 selfish talents efficient and durable and MC deathblade) and finally an adult Enchanted Armament (with 2 selfish talents powerfull and mighty UGH ).

Anyway any ideas what pet i should be going for or what stats I should aim at, I am thinking of another heal (probably Sprite Queen instead of Sprite and either Healing Current or Fairy), universal resisance and Death damage but thats not final.

I know that i get another pet at 118 (im only 103) which looks very good based on the wiki stats, and i obviously have Wraith, Scarecrow and bone Dragon pets but not sure whether they are worth leveling up or if I should just stick with the Avenging Fossil.

So pretty much if anyone could just leave a comment below saying what they think i should do stat wise, pet wise and training wise to help me i would be thankfull.

Ryan WindHunter lvl 103

Dec 18, 2011
Please someone reply as i need advice on what to do.

May 30, 2010
RYAN DEATHSTORM on Apr 27, 2017 wrote:
Please someone reply as i need advice on what to do.
You might want to put this is the pet selection since a lot of people post here. You may get a reply there. For pet training, I just get all the hybrids because a lot of them look cool and do not care about stats. Again you might found more answers in the pet selection not the RavenWood Commons. Just do what you think is right.
P.S. I have all the school only life hybrids expect for the balance bird for some reasons. Sadly I have trained the three death (that are actually death hi crop watcher(has balance stats) and death tree) so I do not know what those stats are.
So again post your thead in the Pets.

Dec 26, 2011
RYAN DEATHSTORM on Apr 27, 2017 wrote:
Please someone reply as i need advice on what to do.
Try to get an all may-cast pet and do some PvP with it. I've seen some crazy pets that spam auras, heals, and shields in my PvP days, but if I saw that in the arena, I would start to freak out!

Also, I like your Avenging Fossil at ancient (the one with +17 Death critical, may cast Deathspear and may cast Virulence). Maybe we could hatch? I have an ancient Chaos Leviathan with +4% universal accuracy, +4% universal resist, and may cast Sprite. It's totally up to you if you wanna hatch.

Anyways, an all may cast pet would strike fear into the hearts of battlers everywhere, in my opinion!

Sincerely, Victoria ThunderCloud, Level 67 Necromancer

Catch me in the Spiral if you can!

Mar 05, 2012
Ryan, are you wanting a pet for pvp or pve?
it can make a difference in what talents you strive for (I use different pets for each).

I'd be glad to share my thoughts and to help hatch you up.

Maria Silverweave lvl 120 1st age PvP Warlord

(I won't bother listing my other 8 chars )