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Adding another Kiosk?

Jun 17, 2013
Hey Kingsisle and fellow Wizards,
The first kiosk was a success with all those pets and people using it so much that I think that there should be another kiosk for crowns pets that can either be crowns to get one or double the gold price or whatever you guys want it to be, but I know that I really want the decaversary pet, but cannot manage to find someone with one and really do hope that you guys can make another kiosk with crowns pets that come from packs or ones you buy, but the thing about this is that some people want pets from packs, but dont want to spend thousands upon thousands of crowns to get just one little pet.
Blaze 58

Oct 09, 2009
They will never add another Kiosk for crown pets only. It defeats the purpose of this game which is to make money. Making a kiosk for all of those pets that require real money to buy or endless amount of farming is not a sound market strategy. Hence the reason why getting gear and pets from packs almost always cost a ton of crowns in order to get the desired equipment.

Having it cost double gold is entirely pointless as 1000's of players have discovered that Halfang Cave in Vestrilund is the best boss to farm for quick and easy gold. A good team can easily reach 100k gold in less then one hour. A person soloing could easily reach it in 1-2 hours depending on their school.

If anything they would make the cost be gold and crowns but not a small amount of crowns. It will probably be at least 1/10 the cost of the pet in crowns. They will also decrease the chance of getting the crown pet to make more players spend money.