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A new pet training game

Aug 06, 2008
Hey everyone, so I'm getting a bit tired of the pet games. They are very basic, repetitive and boring. I do them just to train my pet. I do pet derby sometimes, but it sometimes takes a while to find a match, it gets old, and its not a great use of pet points feeding them that way since you basically miss 4 free points each feed. Long story short, I find myself grinding through this regrettably. I enjoy wizard101 a lot, but training a bunch of pets it just gets really boring and really old fast, and its something you have to do if you want to continue to be better in pvp. I guess what I'm saying is I grinding training my pets and it turns into me playing a game and not enjoying it at all. Can KI make a fun game that isn't simply grinding, maybe something that takes considerably longer but uses more pet points and has more of a reward at the end? For example, I think maybe some sort of a fight with your pet against a monster, where your pet has a few spells of his own. For example my rain beetle might have a few storm blades, rain beetle attacks, and a storm hound or something. And you can increase the difficulty or health of the monster and earn more points. Any other ideas for new pet games?

Jan 21, 2014
i am not the only one! yay! the games are getting a bit boring and we should get more points for training them. And your idea is good, here is mine:

cloud catastrophy:

Your pet accidentaly got a flying potion spilled on itself, and he or she cant controll himself or herself, you must help your pet fly trough wizard city withought crashing ( you can chose other worlds bye the way ) you have to get to the center of the world were your wizard is waiting so he can put a potion cure spell! but wait, your pet isint the only thing that can fly... you have to try and not get hit by the other badies and random things that are flying too, watch out!

controls: up to go up, left goes left, right goes right, and down slows down your pet, he or she will descend automaticly unless you press up

objective: get to the center of each world to get to your wizard and cure the potion, avoid the badies and be careful not to fall out of the world

note: if you do not press anything, your pet will discontrol itself and fly anywhere the wind might take it

the game would start like your pet is next to your wizard and the potion falls on it. It breaks trough the ceiling and flys away, then your pet appears in the sky and you have to control him, you would have health and every hit costs a pet point. you would hit yourself with badies ( that follow you ) flying rocks, storm clouds, and failed spells ( it would be like a light of anycolor depending on the spell and it would come from the world and if you dont dodge it it will hit you )

i know its complicated but it maybe just might work idk but i hope atleast a diferent game is implemented

Isaac GoldHeart lvl 23 and

"old is great, new is better"