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A Little Too Much

Jan 14, 2010
I just wanted to hatch and went to the hatchery. I wanted to hatch my Fierce hound, which would cost around 1000 if it were available to buy with gold. I also had a Hydra pet, around 5000 gold, and tried to hatch them together. Price: 35000 gold. I COULD afford it, but it would cost me lots. The price does not add up. It costs too much. Lets take A and B, for example. A cost 100 and B cost 200. I think the price should be 100+200x3/2+450. My REAL price should equal 1000+5000x3/2=9000. Instead, they raise the price, make it so that you have to use crowns to get the gold, and possibly make pet trainers mad and Wizard101 loses monthly crown prices because less wizards are buying mega snack packs. My idea, however, would take the prices of BOTH pets, turn them into something that wouldn't make wizards broke, and you could have a cool pet.

Mar 13, 2011
The cost to hatch is very high. But I see it as a reason to continue playing with my Legendary Characters. I go out and farm items with a high sell value and then I go and hatch.

I figure I have hatched well over 50 times striving for "super" pets for my characters. I have succeeded in producing 2 pets I would consider significant improvements, but not my "super" pets yet.

What constitutes a "super" pet is highly subjective. And even varies for me from time to time.

Mar 08, 2009
Its kinda suppose to be expensive because if it was cheap, then almost everyone can get a bunch of hybrids without doing the work. At least the price is good enough to be made, especially with wintertusk farming. Also it would make the coolest pets common by everyone. Allot of these topics are made so people can get the easy way out (no offence).

At least we're not paying 100,000 like before

Nov 04, 2010
Ok... so say i have 55000 gold and hatching costs 1000... i have a phoenix and my friend Bob (Lol) has a kraken. we keep trying to make a stormbird and it doesn't work. in the end, we each have 40 stormbirds. Now would a stormbird really be worth only 1000 gold? Absolutely not! Is it worth 55000 gold? Absolutely! Now if KI took hatching prices for say level 1-10 pets (Firecat, Dragon, Stray Piggle, etc) to around 5000 gold that would be fine...

Chase Nightbreath level 60 pyromancer
Brandon StormFlame Level 19 Diviner

Jun 14, 2010
Alright, they've already fixed that, and, judging by your "joined date", you already know that.

Back then, it cost me 30,000 gold or so to hatch my Snow Snake with a Firecat, which doesn't even produce a hybrid. 30,000! With a Fierce Hound and a Hydra, it might've cost 70,000 gold or more.

Both pets are exceedingly hard to get, so the price is guaranteed to be high. If you're having trouble getting gold, farm Halfang Bristlecrown in Wintertusk, Vestrilund, and sell the stuff that he drops.

With a deck consisting of just max school blade, a healing spell or two, and some spells that attack all enemies, (and gargantuan or vengeance or whatever) you can beat him in around two minutes if you play fast. You can get around 50,000 gold from him over the course of an hour when you do this.

Mar 18, 2009
Yes hatching can be pricey. That is why you should focus on aging pets and be very picky about the pets you hatch with. I personally don't hatch with ANYTHING under Ancient.

Can't recall exactly how much it was, but I took my Epic Scarecrow and hubby's (same account!) Ancient Judgement and ended up with an AWESOME Crop Watcher!

Reason for the hatching... Hubby is obviously Balance, and his secondary is Death.

He loves the Scarecrow and other than pet or treasure can't get one. So I hatched him one (put his Judge in shared bank and actually hatched the egg with Death Legend) and with a Death mastery amulet he can cast the Ominous Scarecrow and be awesome at it too LOL. Sidenote, he can pull off a Scarecrow hit that puts my Death Legend to shame. *embarassed!*

I see pet hatching as so worth it, as long as you put the work behind it (aging aging aging!) and know the capabilities of your pets.