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a list of pets through out the spiral

Nov 19, 2008
Hi my grand master wizard Kenneth Griffen wraith has just reached grand master so i would like to tell any others where i got some of my pets.
These pets where found in diffrent worlds of the spiral

Myth sprit: you problebly know it is from rattle bones.
fire snake: boris black rock
snow snake: prince gobler guy
red banish thing: hidden boss algig [cant spell] in tree of life
blue ghost: ciclops leader on ciclops lane WC
some ghost that looks like lothan death bringer in GH i forgot where i got him

well thats all i can remember. but i know i have more.
Hey lists the pets you have and where you got them here

Jun 09, 2009
Dec 02, 2008
Well, I have a ton and there are a ton I don't have too. Simply look up "Wizard101 pet list" or something on Google or another helpful site to get a big list ;)