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Dec 11, 2010
i have dragon , how does it learn to learn to heal or do anything.

May 16, 2012
If it is a regular dragon you bought with gold, there is no talents(healing, may cast spells, gives you this card) but if it a dragon bought from packs(like a coldfire dragon) you need to level it up to teen to epic to get the talents..

hope this helped!

Noah Wildblood - level 39

Feb 29, 2012
First off, if you bought the dragon from Wizard City you'll have to hatch and hatch again for it to get healing talents.

Second, your pet gains may-cast talents and other helpful abilities as you train them and they level up. It's never guaranteed that you'll get one though, so it might take some time to get that talent.

Feb 13, 2010
Hate to tell you... But dragons don't learn any very good talents. you'll have to hatch with a better pet.

Dustin Sky

Nov 05, 2011
sorry, it can not heal if it is a normal dragon. If it is a pioneer or fragmented or special kind of dragon, it may heal and have awesome talents. If it is a normal dragon, those, sorry to say, will have terrible talents.

Mar 10, 2009
First you need to train it so it will grow up and activate the talents it hatched with. If you do not get talents you want then you need to hatch that pet with another pet (yours or someone else's pet) that has the talents you want. You new baby (no matter what it looks like) will have a mix of talents from both parents. It is a gamble what you will get. Sometimes you will get what you wanted from the other pet and sometimes you will get other stuff. What they get is determined at hatching. What you feed it will not change that, it just helps the strength of what talents are there. I have hatched twice with the exact same parents and got two babies that looked alike but had very different talent mixes. That is the chance part. It can be frustrating or you can get lucky and get a pet with exactly what you wanted. Have fun.