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What's the story behind your pet

Sep 24, 2011
2. where did your pet come from
3. where did it get its name
4. what other pet is it related to
5. tell me all about your pet's culture and detailed life

- Sophia Sparkle Stone level 90

Jul 28, 2011
Yay! This is gonna be fun.............

My Chameleon, Lucky, is a hatched pet, its parents were a pure Chameleon from one of the packs, and a pure Snake in a basket from the retires Mega Bundle. It's parents were each very talented. A chameleon knows balance magic and astral magic, while the snake in a basket knows balance magic and life magic! Her best three talents out of four so far are "May cast conviction", May cast spritely", and Mulligans shuffle. That is why I named her Lucky, because she is very lucky to have these talents.

Wanna know the story?
(If you do, keep reading)

A while ago, I was in the hatchery with my Snake in a basket, Elvis. I was looking to hatch - I didn't know with what - until I saw a Chameleon. I asked the girl (Who is now my wizard friend) if she could hatch. Unfotunately, the girl had just hatched and was out of money. But she said that she wanted to hatch when she got enough money. So, over a month later, I was in Avalon and questing in Weirwood, when she text chatted me: Hey, you still wanna hatch? I had totally forgot about that, and didn't really want to at this point, but I said sure anyway. So we hatched. And in 5 minutes, our pets had hatched. She got a Snake in a basket and I got chameleon. I started to train her, and I loved her talents! I then decided to name her Lucky.

Well, that is the story of Lucky from Angela D. and Lucky

Mar 19, 2010
well i have a velociraptor named chase it has a brother, an inferno beast named taz (cliche right?) their parent is a mythic beast named ben and his dad is an efreet named samson.

Mar 12, 2013
Cheyenne has a pet leopard. She's just a little thing named Piper, so we named her Piper Cub.

She got her keen green eyes and hot temper (life shot, vengeance card) from her mama Simbah. From her daddyfish she got a thick, silky coat that whenever you pet her in cold weather, you get sparks (storm giver). And she's naturally warm and cuddly (Fuel and fire trap).

Whenever she's about to cast a spell on you, she purrs and kneads bread, but watch out!

May 22, 2009
I received a mustard troll as a drop in Grizzleheim. After mixing it a few times with various pets with spritely, I finally got another mustard troll with spritely. I named the troll Trixie because no one really expects such a pet to have such a feminine name.

Trixie has been by my side through Zafaria, Avalon, and even Azteca. She can be a little cantankerous at times and refuses to heal me, but all in all she has been a great companion while exploring the spiral.

Hannah Lifebringer level 90 life
Hannah Legendstalker level 90 myth

Jan 29, 2010
It was when the bazaar was selling pets back off in those years :D
I was eight. I didn't like have too many dark sprites.
It was rare, for myself at the age of eight. To quickly buy a sprite like that.
So I waited
[Funny thing about that is that I Ran around the building in circles till I stopped to look]
Then It was there, Angel.
I bought her -_-
Everyone around me when I play PVP go like
"That's pretty rare to get"
"Yeah" I say. Then get a chance to defeat them while talking :D

Life Theurgist
47 leveled. Currently in DS.
Myrna LegendPyre
I accept requests :D

Jan 13, 2010
I got a rain beetle. It is now teen, i just hatched. I was looking for Rain Beetles for over a month!

Cole Dunerunner Destroyer of all schools

May 03, 2009
Okay, I'm an author (or I want to be) so I'm going to write a fiction story about my pet. When I'm done, I'll just say how I really got my pet.

One cold evening, Scarlet Hawk sat on a gobbler's head, waiting for a challenge. "This place disgusts me." She said. Scar got up and walked to the sidewalk. She waved her wand and disappeared. She put the wand in her pocket when she got home. "Ah! The Prickly's are going to die!" She saved them by casting what they needed. She heard a tiny snort and the sound of a tiny flame. Quickly, she unsheathed her dagger and got ready to strike when she found out the enemy was... a dragon. "I remember you! I saw you when I was saving Collosus five months ago!" He was shivering hard. She scooped him up and hugged him. "Let's get you inside." She ran into the inside of her Red Barn Farm. She grabbed some blankets and covered the poor dragon. "Wait, you have tiger marks, you're a buddy dragon!" Scarlet exclaimed. She picked up him along with his bundle of blankets and hugged him. "You're my buddy."

Ok, like it? Now this is how I really got him:

I was in the hatchery bored out of my mind. Nobody wanted to hatch with a bone dragon (or was it my wraith, or my scarecrow? I can't remember.) until this girl walks up with a forest lord. "Scarlet, want to hatch?" She asked. I'm like, "Ok." So she showed me all her pets while we were I the hatching thing. "Which one do you want?" She asked. "That dragon with tiger stripes." I replied. So I got him and after fussing over a name, decided to name him Scout. He is dyed red with black tiger stripes.

Thx for reading :)

Scarlet Hawk
Amber Rose
Fallon Owl
Jordan Strongheart
Ryan Strongheart

Mar 05, 2011
Well I don't exactly know where my pet came from..first it needs to hatch, its taking forever especially considering only its legs are sticking out of its shell. He's Cooper the pet egg. Infamous amoung my friends for his little dance.

Wolf Skullslinger, Thaumaturge by Trade and owner of Cooper the egg

Dec 20, 2012
When i got my glorious, adorable wolfhound pet, Marley, I just finished watching the first Marley and Me movie, and which he died, so i thought i would keep Marley going .

Valerian Hammer
Tavia WyrmPyre
Fallon Sky

Alyssa Iceblade

Mycin Duskbreeze
Luis Lifeflame

Dec 20, 2012
Well my pet is a ancient ladybug its so adorable I have hatched with it once ok
1. It always has fun when it's on a quest with me and helps out
2. My pet I bought at the crown shop but I was in Grizzleheim in Savarstaad Pass
3. It got its name 'Queen Midnight' I was a big fan of staying up late so midnight and Queen I thought it sounded royal.
4. Well what I think what you mean is did I ever hatch with it once so I'd say with a lifebat once
5. I have always taken it wherever I go and She's with me all the time and she is with a lifebat I think my friend has one I hatched with

Hopefully that's what you wanted to know

- Cheyenne StormHunter