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whats so good about mega snacks?

Jan 24, 2010

So I know that they give the most stats and they boost your pet more, but can a pet fail if it doesn't get enough mega snacks. I just don't understand why people spend so much time farming for them. Does feeding your pet more mega snacks increase the chance of getting better talents? please let me know.

Mar 02, 2011
Snacks have NO effect on what talents your Pet gets. People use mega snacks because they help level your Pet faster (Mega Snacks give way more Pet XP).

May 24, 2016
i've been told many times that the abilities are determined before the pet hatches so my answer is no.

Valdus NightWraith -lvl 120 Death

Apr 17, 2012
The reason people farm for the "mega snacks" is you will be able to level your pet quicker and use less energy to do so than with lower ranking snacks.

From baby to adult you really don't see the jump until you go further and it cost you up to 10 energy ever time you train your pet.

As for your pet failing if he doesn't get enough mega snacks. Your pet doesn't need any mega snacks. The talents have been already selected when you hatched. It all depends on which talents came over from the parents.

The odds do increase on that talent opening on your new pet if both parents already have that talent themselves.

Buts it's still a gamble. Just like in real life there is no sure thing.