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Sea Dragon Attributes

Jun 30, 2013
So far I have trained my Sea Dragon up to his fourth attribute and have been really pleased with what I have received. In no particular order my pet has learned Piercemonger, Spritely, Spell-Proof and Pain-Giver. My question is in regards to the latter 2 attributes.

The formula for Spell Proof is (2xstrength + 2xagility + power)/125
I have maxed out all statistics so: (2x240 + 2x250 +250)/125 = 9.84 which rounds up to 10%.
However the attribute states you can get between 1-13% global resistance.
How do i get the resistance higher then 10% or is that a limitation of the pet?

The same thing happens with the calculation for Pain-Giver. It states I can get a global boost to damage with a range of 1-8% however with my statistics maxed out I am only receiving 6%.

I understand that what the pe already has is fantastic and I am not complaining. I was just curious if there is anything further I can do to get the full potential for my pet.

Thank you in advance for you help!!

Joseph Nightstalker

Apr 05, 2013
First off, nice. You got pretty lucky

Secondly, I believe that the spell-proof talent maxes out at 10%, and there is no way to get it higher than that regardless of the pet's talents. I assume this is the same for pain-giver, although I am not sure of the cap for that particular talent.

Jun 30, 2013
TY for the reply whatsup76. I am in agreement with you about the max being 10% for sea dragon. I think another pet with higher strength and/or agility may be able to max it to the 13% however I think that this pet is limited to 10%.

Jun 30, 2013
Well I finallytrained my pet up to the fifth attribute and it looks like my luck ran out :( I ended up with Life Boost so I get an extra 120 health. Boy was that disappointing. Now if I could have gotten the accuracy boost he would have been the greatest pet ever...sigh.