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pets and schools

Nov 10, 2009
each school has their own specialty, storm specialise in damage and their gears give a lot accuracy, ice specialise in shields and their gears give a lot resist etc etc etc
now the pets have their own schools too, some are storm some are ice some myth etc. i been checking the new pet drops and so far there is so few good ice pets and so much good storm pets

i believe a good pet is determined by its pedigree and its card
lets take a look, storm pet drops you have: storm snowman, storm cat, frostzilla etc
the only good ice pet drop is: ice bird, pedigree not even 40

since all schools are equal just like all races are equal in real life, we need some good ice pets in the game too.

and this is not just it, storm gears specialise in accuracy and attack power wheras ice gears specialise in health and resist
i believe pets also fall into the gears catagory, since you can equip and unequip pets.
now, if storm pet is part of storm gear, they give storm attack and accuracy is logical, however if ice pet is part of ice gears shouldnt they have resist to all talent? it seems logical to me that ice pets should give resist to all and health boost. but this is not what the ice pets giving now. queen spider is an ice pet it gives a death card (why poison card??) and it gives ice accuracy and ice resist. i think ice wizards here are discriminated because we already have fairly high accuracy we dont need ice accuracy, and ice resist is just useless, ice attacks are weak anyways resist ice isnt that useful to us

therefore i strongly believe that ice pets need adjustments. why do we have ice school anyways if storm is so favored, i think all ice pets should at least have a chance of getting health boost and resist to all talents