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Missing Info On Hatching Pets (Question)

Jan 18, 2011
Hi there, I do not know something about hatching pets, and my question is this:

What are the talents given to a child pet? If I hatch 2 pets and the result is "not" a hybrid, does it recieve half of the talents from both parents? Or does it only recieve talents from the parent pet of the same species?

I noticed that hatching any 2 pets will fuse stats, but I have not seen any change in talents. For instance, if I hatch a chameleon that knows conviction with a toaddle that knows infallible, can I hatch a toaddle that knows conviction or am I just wasting my time? Please respond quickly.

Sep 17, 2012
Each pet has 10 possible talents, of those it can only learn 5. Those 5 are determined when you hatch and only reveal themselves through training. When you hatch, you get 10 of the 20 possible talents from both pets and learn a random 5 from those remaining 10. So to simplify, yes you can hatch talents into pets that didn't have them naturally. You can hatch a toaddle that knows both conviction and infallible and any other talents you want to spend time trying to hatch into it.

Jan 18, 2011
Thank you for the fast reply Seethe, my kudos to you.