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Hatching Kiosk Order

Aug 16, 2009
Hi all - Sharing some info with this one. I recently have started to post pets to the hatching Kiosk, and struggled a bit to understand why one of my pets was getting a bunch of hatching peppers and the others were not. Very similar pets. All of them Pixie Queens with Big, Huge, Ultra energy as well as Gold Miner and Gardening Pixie. I am a big time Gardener on all my chars. Anyway, did not put it together until I logged on with another account and looked at the order of my Pixies in the big list. One of my pets was way up to the front of the pack (4th or 5th in) and the others 30 or 40 down the line. Of course the one way up to the front of the pack is the one that gets all the hatches. I did all kinds of mathematical calcs with the attributes as well as the potential and manifested talents on what drives the ordering, but could not figure it out. Long story short, like all great things, its simple. The pets are ordered by the sum of the manifested talents. In case you are not familiar with this, you see this in your pets breeding numbers (e.g. - 71 (38) ; which means total amount of talent potential = 71 and those talents which were actually manifested = 38. If you scroll through any pet list in the kiosk, you'll notice how the manifested talent is in descending order. Maybe I was the last person in the Wiz 101 universe not to know this? Let me know if I am missing something.

Moral of the story is now that I have manifested all the right talents that want for Playing, need to figure out how to get more of the high number Epic Derby talents manifested so that pet is high in the pecking order on the kiosk. . Sounds fun huh?

Has anyone gone down this path? And if so any tips?

My four Pixies are Governor Nala, Scrappy Nacho, Sheriff Ginger & Princess Louie

Michael Legendhunter - Visionary , Verdant Gardener and Adept Hatchmaker

Aug 18, 2011
Yes, this is actually one negative aspect of the kiosk. It features high expressed pedigree pets first, and as a result the averages have been going up, driving up hatch costs. You may have with great talents and stats that never gets seen at all, and some of the same "meh" pools at the front of every list.

I hope KI allows sorting by other attributes, or introduces some "shuffle" aspect to offset this.

Nov 16, 2017
Or just shuffle the pets like you do the spell cards.