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Efficient Balance Damage/Crit pet

Sep 22, 2019

I've returned to Wizard 101 after who knows how many years, and I am mostly foggy with the memory of pets and which DNA is asserted to what type of stats.

I was wondering what would be the ideal pet and/or DNA to assist a Balance wizard in doing more damage. Many thanks

Jan 18, 2010
Welcome Back!

The topic of your thread basically answers your question.

If you're looking for more damage, consider creating an offensive pet.

Just by viewing the balance tab in the Hatchmaking Kiosk section will showcase a multitude of balance pets for your choosing.

For damage, I recommend critical and damage increasing talents such as:

Critical Striker
Balance Assiliant
Balance Dealer
Balance Giver

Also, the stats also affects the amount of damage that will be displayed by your pet(s), so try hatching with pets with max or close to max stats as often as possible.

Stats such as Will, Power and Strength are important, Agility too.

Bear in mind that creating an ideal pet usually takes a few tries.

Aug 16, 2009
Hi - couple of other things. If you are looking for more damage you probably want to go with a Balance Armament out of the kiosk as there are a bunch of good ones there. If you are looking to be defensive with lots of Ward defenses, clockwork paladins would be your best choice for the variety there are in the kiosk.

Also, all the types of hitting power skills such as Balance Dealer, Pain Giver, Balance Giver all rely on Strength, Will and Power attributes. So the higher numbers you have with these attributes the higher potential for max hitting power.

Have fun..