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Someone to play with?

Jul 16, 2012
I've been playing this game on and off since 2012 and i was stuck in wizard city for the longest time. I just got a membership and i am now at level 33. It seems like as you go up further worlds, you start needing a team. Would anyone team up with me?
my character is Isabella Silverflame, balance wizard. I am currently doing marleybone (and grizzleheim).

Aug 23, 2016

My Death Wizard is questing in Grizzlehiem and Mooshu after just completing Marleybone.

I would love to offer my assistance to your Balance Wizard.

We can set up a time to meet.

Steven 130
& Christopher 38

Jul 16, 2012
That would be awesome!

What time zone are you and what hours do you normally play? (just so we can meet up easier)

Im in UTC-08:00 (pacific time zone) and I usually play between 2pm-4pm.

and which realm? I usually try to avoid the ones starting with ABC, but beyond that I dont care.

Thank you!

Isabella Silverflame 33

Aug 23, 2016
I am usually in on the mornings 2 hours ahead of you. (Central)

Depending on my work day, I am back on the late afternoon, early evening 4:45 - 6:45 weekdays and most of the afternoon Sat and Sun (really close to your time online.

I don't have a realm preference and normally go with what ever I default into.

This weekend I will be AFK all weekend

So any time that works for you I can see if I can adjust my schedule and meet up.

Christopher Ghoststalker

Mar 12, 2014
@Bailey Dunestrider

Hi guys! I'm currently a Storm wizard, level 36 that just finished Marleybone. I found your thread and wouldn't mind being of help or maybe starting a little questing group? I started Grizzleheim yesterday and will get to Mooshu as well. I think Balance, Death and Storm would be a lit team honestly.

I know this thread is from a month ago, but y'all still interested?

If yes I'm Atlantic Daylight Time (UTC-3) and usually on everyday after 4pm (week) and mostly Saturday since I work on Sundays (weekend).

I've been trying to find some people to create a group and get on Discord or something like that so we could actually chat.

Brooke Drakehaven 36
Morgan Goldenheart 16 ( just started with my IRL bf :P )

Aug 23, 2016
Yeah, just need to know, where and when to meet.

S Gs

Feb 10, 2009