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Oakheart Hiding

Mar 12, 2009
Oakheart is really making me upset. I am trying to get my level 48 Life spell, but my character can not get into Oakheart's building. I am aware of the quests that you have to do to get the spell, but if I try to talk to Mossback or Wavebringer they don't have an exclaimation point over their heads. I have only tried to talk to Mossback since I know that you have to do the quests in order. I have tried to do the quests but they do not talk to me. What am I doing wrong? PLEASE HELP!

If you are still having trouble, contact Support with your username and character name and they will help you get moving forward.

You can send them an email with the details at support@wizard101.com
You may get an automated response regarding the Oakheart steps listed above, please reply to it requesting further investigation.

Mar 12, 2009