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Leve 48 Ice School quest

Apr 02, 2009
Is anyone else having a problem getting into the building to fight Grum Foultooth in Crimson Fields in Moo Shu? I have tried going to different realms and restarting the quest but to no avail.

Could someone help me with this please?

Thank you in advance,

Alura IceGem :-)

Mar 16, 2009
When you enter Crimson Fields, are you trying to immediately go to Grum?
If you are, that may be your problem. You have to redo the instance until someone in Crimson Fields send you to fight the troll. Luckily, Grum Foultooth is one of the first fights you encounter in Crimson Fields, so you won't have to redo the entire instanced area. On some wizards, I've had to redo entire areas to complete a school quests. Good luck.

If you have done this, and are still not able to go there, then that sounds like a bug and you should probably report it. :-)