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Is my level to low for mooshu

Jan 29, 2012
Hello, I was just wodering before I start main questline in Mooshu should I do side quest first because im level 26????

Wolf IceBlade lvl 26 warlord, See you in the spiral...

Oct 17, 2012
That might be a little bit low. maybe do a few side quests first just to lvl 29 or something. I started it at level 36 or something but it was slightly too easy.

Kayla Raincloud 40, almost 41! YAY

May 12, 2009
It depends on how you play. I would suggest you to sample some of the creatures there and find out if you can effectively handle them on your own without too much of a struggle. If you can, then you're ready. If not, then you should probably go back and do a few side quests.

Best of luck!
~Shannon Skybreaker

May 17, 2014
Kind of, I went in at level 29, but trust me when I say it's too hard. Get up to 30-35.

Side quests are important, if your friend is level 26 and you are also level 26, leveling up to let's say 30 is an amazing thing. Why? Because those four extra levels will always be there. When you are level 40, your friend will be 36 (if she/he doesn't do any sidequests), when you are level 90 your friend will be level 86 (if she/he doesn't do any sidequests)

Apr 22, 2013
It might be, but it just means you should do those side tasks more I kinda think I'm too high for the task I'm on, I still need to defeat Otomo Supply Carriers and I'm level 43!

Hope you finish MooShu soon!

- Michelle FrostBlossom level 43 (somewhat and )

Btw, If I'm too high, it's because I do a lot of side quests.