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Oct 24, 2008
StarsongKY wrote:
The balloon cars do drive me a bit nuts, having to go back and forth between different streets always involves going back to Digmore and stopping to pick up yet another ticket quest. And it is really easy to lose track of the main storyline amid all the side quests sending you every which direction over frivolous stuff like lost jackets and purses and delivering party invitations.

I also find it harder to navigate the rooftops now than it was before the last update rerouted all the baddies, especially at full speed on horseback. I've always had lag issues in MB, my older computer can't always keep up with the animations so I can't turn as quickly as I need to. A few times I've had to dismount and walk to make those sharp corners. It took awhile to learn the old down-the-middle paths but they really helped me learn how to dodge street enemies for more wide-open areas like the Cave of Solitude and Ravenscar.
I think you have done a Great job with this world but I just dont like how there are no side walks! Its very hard to walk in MB battle streets when there is no side walks because you can get pulled in easily. I know you want to make it a challenge and i like that I just dont like that there are no side walks! and some of the boss towers are hard to find cause every street looks similer! Sincerely, Annabell7

Feb 25, 2009
Too dark, gloomy, hard to navigate, and repetitive. I have already run Marleybone once with a pyromancer and now trying to do it with Life wizard. With the monsters now moving around the middle, makes it hard to get to destination without getting drawn into a battle and this is making it even longer to complete. In most cases, I find that the rewards are not worth the effort, but it seems to be the only way to get to Mooshu. Marleybone needs some drastic changes and upgrades. Not fun or enjoyable anymore.

Aug 03, 2009
Marleybone is most likely the second to LEAST hardest place i have ever been to. I know it's dark and it's hard to walk on the streets and blaa blaa blaa blaa but seriously it's a GAME it's sopose to be challanging get friends, brothers, sisters, anybody

May 02, 2009
The thing i really don't like about marleybone is getting pulled into duels
and my computer keeps freezing when i get in a battle.the thing i think you guys should add in mrleybone is sidewalks in the parks.you can put that in a vote and see how much vote for that. ;)

Sep 12, 2008
Cody8234 wrote:
Kensington Park is way to hard help me out by taking it off quests. PLEASE!!!


................ Dude that is cold

May 09, 2009
Marleybone is my least favorite world, but there has to be one that fits that spot! Yes, it is a bit tricky getting around gearheads, but guess what? I learned how to do it! And it was a challenge. I used to run down the middle of roof tops and now I have to run the sides. (or fly) Either way, whatever... you just learn the trick and you can do it. I always tell people that Marleybone is too "hoi tea toy tea" for me. They are all dressed up and have their noses in the air. Plus it is dark and set in a time that is really not my favorite and I really don't like gangster stuff. But it is not so bad now that I am not doing 6 wizards through it at one time too. I take one at a time through and I am used to it.

A small dislike about Marleybone is the repetative quests to other places. I had to go back to Krok twice right after getting to Marleybone. One trip would have been sufficient with everything I needed to see everyone who had to be seen. Either that or spread it out so I don't have to go back one right after another immediately. Oh I know, it provided a couple opportunities to help others and make friends, but still, once would have been enough.

Oh you know what agravates me even MORE? The ticket booth. Once I select my ticket, I want the talk thing to go away so I don't have to hit cancel. THAT was my biggest annoyance because that happened every single time I need to ride the balloon cars. I would also get erronious messages from time to time saying, "You don't have a ticket for this." when I either did have a ticket or I was not near a balloon car.

There is another thing in the whole game. When you get your spell quests from teacher, they should be to places we can get to so we can do our quests. I have made friends to get there anyway, but they are not often the best friends I have made. They sometimes are more annoyed that they have to get me in than anything.

Thank you for taking the time to ask! I do love the game as a whole and prefer it to the real world.

May 15, 2009
Well, I have a couble reasons why I don't really like MB as much as other worlds.

1. Big Ben is REALLY hard and I really do not like it because I was at the very top against Meowiarty, having spent about an hour on it and all but one of my friends left me, and I got defeated, but my last friend's second was life, so she was waiting for Satyr and right before she got defeated, she casted Satyr but then I had used up all of my faires by then and I got DEFEATED! AT THE VERY TOP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2. I was used to navigating through the middle of the streets in MB and then the pattern changed and now I get caught. All the time. :(

3. Areas are too far apart and I have to navigate through the streets (see #2 ) just to get about 100 xp! And a pathetic hat that I usually cannot wear! :?

4. Otherwise, MB is cool. :D

5. Yet annoying. :x

Jun 09, 2009
Reasons why I don't like Marleybone.

1. It's hard to navigate without getting into a battle.

2. Almost all of the areas are rooftops,almost nothing else.

3. The difficulty on the dungeons was made for at least three people and I can't get much people to help me.

4. That one world nearly crashes my computer every time i go into it cause of the graphics.

5. It's hard even for a lvl35 necromancer like me.

6. Every time I enter the station, I'm nowhere near the balloon cars but they still go off saying "You need a ticket for this."

7. It's very long and boring , so boring that I forgot about this gave game for five months.

May 02, 2009
Wow, well I had 2 choices.

1. It's pretty difficult to navigate MB without getting pulled into a fight, especially when you get to the clockworks(no offense to all the good clockworks out there).

2. some of the quests I feel are a bit too far apart. If it's on the same street, it's okay, but not when I have to go to many different streets which I found that alot the MB side quests require.

So, the navigation could be made easier when trying to get past enemies, and some of the side quests could be made a little easier, like maybe moving the street NPC's a little closer to the entrance.

Other than that, it was a nice world, and I really have no complaints about it except that.

Jul 14, 2009
I have a really fast computer and I love Wizard101 but Marleybone is way too much. I don't mind all the bosses or their health, or the fact that I have to travel back and forth but I think Marleybone has too many graphics. My computers lagging is so bad that by the time I realize I'm in battle, it's my third turn. I am almost done with Marleybone but I still have a problem with getting pulled into battles. Atleast put more space between players and enemies on the rooftops. That's a serious problem. Especially with the Clockwork Golems running around.

Aug 14, 2009
What is one thing about Marleybone that you like the least?

Marleybone is my favorite world. the graphics and story line are great. how ever it gets really iratating getting pulled into fights when you are fully on the ramp or as far away from the enemy as you can get. also the big ben dungeon i really hated. just monster after monster, over and over. it got VERY boring.
other then that a love marleybone.

Dec 18, 2008
dont get me strated about marleybone 1. you get sucked into battles way tooooooooo easily 2. it was night and it had that depressed sad evil feeling and i am english well half 3. i cant say it was long but being a storm wizard in it was not fun because i couldnt get past a lot of it till i got high lvl wizards (i am lvl 50 hooray well i am now) so all in all marleybone is kinda messed up.

May 09, 2009
marleybone is to easy and short
the bosses are almost all clockworks, cats, and rats.
big ben is to long. I came in with to grand masters(or level 49 I cant remember) and it still was very long. other than that marleybone is awesome!!!

Apr 26, 2009
i have a few (sry in advance for my rant)

1mb is to repetive i mean what other world do you have to talk to one guy than another one that the first guy agian.

2 it way to hard not to get in a battle i've tried to go in the middle i've tried to go in the edge i've tried following one monster at a sare distance it just too hard

3 it too dark and gloomy.

4 not enough exp (though i love the furniture)

and just so you know i love mb 8)

Jul 23, 2009
It is very drag and boring. not alot of it is very exiting. There is not alot of color. Sorry, that was a little harsh, but it is what i thought.

Feb 22, 2009
May 09, 2009
Marleybone is a good world, I guess. One thing that wants me to hit the computer(even though it isn't its fault) is me being dragged into a stinking battle. Here is how my best friend and I work in a dungeon:
1) mark area
2)walk further on
3) and repeat

A BIG waste of mana. So, miniature sidewalks would be nice. Like pieces of sidewalks, you know? With humongous cracks?
I like the dark and everything, but SERIOUSLY! It's just so gloomy. Like other people suggested, a day/night cycle would be a good change if you ask me.
I don't mind the balloon car rides, but it is a pain at times. And when I purchase a ticket, it brings me right back to the ticket selection. What if I don't want another ticket? (and why is it a quest?!)
I know this is a long rant, but you asked about what we think! Um, lemme see.....I don't think it's TOO hard, but the quests can have less battles. East and West? WAY TOO MANY! My friend and I are about to start Big Ben later on.
And yes, I do think it is spreaded out too much. From the Spiral door ALL THE WAY down to New Gate prision. Regent's Square to Knight's court to return some lady's stained purse....A LOT of walking/riding!
"Why, that purse has a stain on it! I took it to get it washed at Regent's Square. Can you go pick it up and return it to her, please?"
"I gave it to one of my friends because it matched her dress that she will be wearing to the ball. It belongs to Brooke, though. Can you go give it to her from Christine?"
^^^^^ Those two quotes are from MANY back-and-forth quests. I didn't seriously mind them, but they did get annoying.
Okay, I think I'm done. Overall, MB gets a 5/10 from me.

----Savannah Liontail Myth/Balance lvl 34

Feb 02, 2009
Ok here's a few things...

1) I agree that MB is really difficult to navigate through. I've been sucked into unwanted battles many times when trying to get to my destination.

2) Another thing is that I have to go to the ticket lady every time I want to ride the Balloon.

3) It is way to gloomy. (I know it mimics London, which rains a lot I think, but give it some color please! Or even daylight!)

4) The Clockwork Golems (or whatever they're called in MB) on the rooftops run faster then your character (unless you have a mount which I don't) and you easily get into battle. And it's already hard enough not to.

5) The quests are too far apart. I hate it when I talk to someone, then go talk to someone else, then have to go back and get sucked into battle JUST for 100 XP!

I really do like MB, but there too many things that could be better.

Cya in the Spiral!

- Amber DragonRider level 30 Fire/Balance

Jun 06, 2009
Josefan678 wrote:
ProfessorGreyrose wrote:
What is one thing about Marleybone that you like the least?

i thin that once again it is way to hard to nagigate.


the BEST part of MB is that it has some of the best reagents you can find! i get up at 4:00 AM for reagent hunts!!!!

Me too! i love to get scrap iron and springs, fossils in the stone blocks, and lily pads in with the cattails! it is hard though because i have to wake up SUPER early cause' I have school at 7:30 AM in the morning, so i have to get up at 5 AM for reagent hunts, but i dont mind, i love wizard 101! it is the best game out there in my opinon. We are having a war in 5th grade at my school over which is better, WOW or Wizard 101. As you can guess i am leading the side that thinks Wizard101 is better, i guess you could call me the general of us.. but my point is i think wizard101 ROCKS!!!!!

OranGhostRiver, Lvl. 28
P.S. can anyone give me a list in a post of good Exp. giving quests for marlybone. OH!!! and To KI, Please take off some of nimah the wickeds HP, i need to beat her so i can get my minion from my teacher! 2,000 is WAYYYYYY too much for a boss unless you are in mooshu! Thx for readin' :-P

Oct 19, 2008
Aug 28, 2009
I loved marleybone's atmosphere. I mean talking dogs+old time london+ night= a very cool world (especially when you're a death wizard!) but it was way to hard to walk around. I mean all the other worlds have some form of a sidewalk.....

-Mooshu has grass outside of the roads
-Wizard City has sidewalks
-Grizzleheim has grass
-Krokotopia has stone walkways
-Dragonspye even has sidewalks
-Marleybone has nothing, its a free for all running in the middle of a street with golems running around right beside you!

Also it was very hard when I first started. compared to Krokotopia and Wizard City. big ben was difficult even with 3 friends with me. For some reason as soon as I was out of Marleybone, Mooshu seemed easy even with harder bosses who have way more health than MB bosses. I think it was all the side quests involved that made it so much longer/harder. I understand that the story line alone would have been about a 4 hour world (being the thinest story line of all the worlds) but maybe over compensated just a bit with newgate prison and scotland yard roof. those were just agonizing. no one would stop asking me to do things for them! A friend of mine even nicknamed it "land of a million side quests" lol
but other than those things MB was an awesome world. I kinda of miss it now that I'm done questing............

oh! and just an idea, having cars driving around in regents square would be AWESOME!

Jul 12, 2009
Even though you moved the monsters to the middle my dad still hates that he gets caugh in fights and I am still annoyed by it too.

Jul 12, 2009
SorceressMiklai wrote:
I voted other because it is too much back and forth. You can't even go to one of the areas without getting a ticket from Tracy and that takes up space in the quest log book until you use it. Having to run errands and go back and forth several times (for Wellington, Sherlock, Abigail Doolittle) to meet several people who aren't in the same area is tedious.

Alura Hexcaster Master Sorceress

i agree

Sep 27, 2009
What i dont like about Marleybone is that its to hard for me. And when im doing a quest i keep getting pulled to a battle. What i think you guys should do is create some sort of sidewalk.

Jun 22, 2009
i think it is not a good idea to have the patrols in the middle cause i would go there when i was in krokotopia just because i could walk in the middle and katzenstein lab is to hard cause i ccant get around without unwanted battles so it took me three hours which is very unhealthy