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Level 28 Ice Spell ~ Minion

Jul 01, 2010
WELL, I cannot get into MarleyBone yet, but Greyrose already gave me my minion quest. I asked my friend to get me into Chelsea Court, but I forgot to mark and now I can't get back in. I am a level 29 and I just started the Tomb of Storms. And the only reason I died is because I only have 1,661 health and the boss has 2,000 health, and it's minion had 655 health. And I didn't have a minion yet, or any minion cards. Anyway, any tips on beating them? BESIDES to bring a minion. I've gotten two Iceblades from plants, and I have some other treasure cards... help?

Sohpia MoonCloud, Level 29 Thaumaturge

Feb 14, 2010
You could continue questing in the Tomb of Storms until you level up to 30; then you could buy new, better gear. Make sure you get a good Ring and Athame that give you the highest health bonus.

To defeat Nimah go to the bazaar and buy "Legend Shield" treasure cards. They shield you from Myth and Death. Use Legend Shield on your first and second turns.
You can also get extra damage cards at the bazaar, like Tough, Strong, Giant or Monstrous. These add extra damage to you attacks and are very helpful for tough boss battles.

Attack the minion first. Use an ice trap, then Ice Wyvern with an extra damage card.
You can use another shield, heal (or use Ice Armor) if necessary after you kill the minion.
Then setup for a big hit on Nimah. Use an ice trap, one of your Ice blades and then Wyvern or Frostbite with an extra damage card.
Then finish her off.
Use Tower shield (or volcanic shield) if you have any free turns.


May 20, 2010
Nimah the Wicked is a Myth enemy who casts Cyclops. The more dangerous spell that Nimah uses is Storm Shark.

His minion the Nightmare Spirit has a stronger spell it can cast Skeletal Pirate, as well as Storm Shark. The minion also has the annoying Weakness spell.

To prepare, go train Elemental Blade at Niles, if you haven't done so already. An Ice wizard can make good use of this spell, especially since Iceblade doesn't arrive until Level 38.

Now go to the Bazaar and buy these 5 treasure cards: 2 Myth Shields (the 90% variety is preferred; otherwise get the 85%), two Ice Traps (get the 40% variety; otherwise the 35%), and one Iceblade (they come in the 45% size) if one is available. Put those 5 cards in your sideboard. If you're using an Ice elemental wand, trade that for Balance, so you don't knock off your traps.

Now put the maximum Volcanic Shields, Elemental Blades, regular Ice Traps and Ice Wyverns in your deck, as well as 2 or 3 Pixies. Those are all of the cards you'll need (I'm assuming that you don't have the Feint Spell).

The strategy is to keep a Volcanic Shield on yourself whenever the Storm part of that is missing. The first order of business is the Nightmare Spirit. You're going to put up an Elemental Blade, put a regular Ice Trap on the minion, knock off whatever Weakness are on you, and hit the minion with Ice Wyvern. This costs four total pips. If the enemy didn't put a Weakness on you on that round, this should get rid of the minion before hit can cast its Skeletal Dragon.

Now you can focus on Nimah, who fortunately doesn't cast Weakness. Stay healed and keep a Volcanic Shield on you whenever you don't have the Storm part of it up. Use a Myth Shield treasure card when convenient. Meanwhile, put up, in any order, an Elemental Blade, a School Ice trap, a treasure Ice trap, and the treasure Iceblade. Of course if the cards don't come the way you want, you can put more blades and traps up for later until they're all there. Now hit Nimah with Ice Wyvern. This should do about 1300 damage. Now repeat with an Elemental Blade, a school Ice Trap, and your other treasure Ice Trap. That will do about 900 damage, and that will be the end of Nimah.

Jul 01, 2010
Aw, thanks guys! I still have to defeat Krokopatra to get to MarleyBone... so I can probably get my friend to take me there again... I guess I need a storm/ life minion? I'd think storm would be more effective, because it costs less and the boss is myth. I am also half Storm, so once I get my next training point, I'll have to do some Tomb of Storms. I'm hoping to get it before my membership runs out in a week or so, so i'll get my almost legendary friend to help me XD Soon I might have the birdcaller's set so i'll also have that.... I have the most expensive ring from Wysteria, and the Point of the Pegasus. I also have a black mantle necklace, but i'm gonna get a different one...

Jul 01, 2010
I beat Nimah and her minion! I didn't even have to use treasure cards. AT ALL. I just used my skills :-)

Jul 16, 2009
Jun 04, 2009
I just got there too. Not sure what to do. My wizard name is Mindy winterbloom. lv,28. Lydia gave me the minion mission, but cannot get in? it's a bit upsetting. Any help or updates you've learned?

Mar 01, 2011
Hello, My name is Donna Skullgiver and I am a Lvl. 28 Thaumaturge. I had the same problem with this ' Minion Quest ', but when I had self confidence and I kept my mind to it... I was determinded I could defeat Nimah the Wicked and get the Skeleton Key! I did not defeat her yet, I am still doing quests to get to Lvl. 32 and get more gold to buy Treasure Cards. I have over 12 quests on my list that are still hard for me, and I got them at Lvl. 6! The hardest one I have is from Celestia, finding the Zodiac Tomes. Almost NOBODY on my Friends List has done that quest... not almost, nobody, and they are Lvl. 68-70! I might never, in my life finish the ' Zodiac Quest '. Even Youtube doesn't show where the Zodiac Tomes are. I also have the Golem Court Quest and another quest from Dragonspyre to find tomes with no quest helper. It may take me till I'm Lvl. 47 to finish all these quests. I need to ask you a question Lydia, is there a way to take off the yellow arrow showing you where the quest is from the bottom of your screen? It bothers me.