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Is there a crate bug in Big Ben

Jul 05, 2008
We did all of Big Ben and could not find the wooden crate.

We all went down to the beginning and back up in case we missed it. Where is the wooden crate. I asked others who had done this and they too say it must be a bug since they could not find it either.

We saw the silver and gold but not one wooden,

It is still in the quests to do. Any help here.

Aug 04, 2008
I have done Big Ben several times in the past week. I'm not sure if you mean the wood chests? There is suppose to be a guy you talk to that tells you about the wooden chests. Then in one of the rooms there will be four wooden chests, then later, four silver, and after final boss, four gold. However, the last few times I have done it, either we were unable to speak to the guy, or unable to open the chests, or both. Once, one player could open them, but the rest of us couldn't. One of the times, the wooden chests were not even there. I'm guessing it's some type of bug? Disappointing, but doesn't get in the way of game play.

Jul 05, 2008
Yes it must be a bug no one saw wooden crates, yes the silver and gold. So now what so I do with the wooden crate quest lol. I will be going back to help others so hopefully the next time it will work.

Ah developers this is a bug any comments on this????????????????/

May 22, 2008
The wooden crate never appeared for me, and now I'm stuck and can't go any further ???

When I made it up to the 8th floor the four silver chests were there, however I never got the wooden crate that has the key for these chests, and now the door to the next floor won't open. I'm assuming I need to open one of these silver chests to advance, but I never got the key!!

Very frustrating to make it so far and not being able to advance. How did you make it past without having completed the wooden crate quest?

Aug 23, 2008
Same here. I finished the top floor. No wooden chests.
I saw the silver chests on the 11th floor (yes i tried, no they wouldn't open), the golden chests popped up on the top floor (yes i tried, no they wouldn't open), ran down and up again but no wooden chests.
Maybe the fix worked great in test, and maybe the people that don't have the wooden chests quest in their journal before they enter big ben may see some fine wooden chests, but i still have it in my quest book and they never showed up.
The next time you fix this, can you remove it from the quest book so i don't need to bother anymore? Doing it again for 0xp is not my idea of a good time.

To address the issues some of you have been encountering with the Wooden Chests in Big Ben, we'll be putting in a hotfix tomorrow September 17th.

Keep checking our message boards for more information and thank you all for your feedback.

Thank you for helping make Wizard101 fun and safe for everyone.
~Professor Greyrose

Jun 25, 2008
ok, hold on here, i am in the same world with big ben, and will be going there soon, and if the bug will be fixed on september 17, i have to wait to go in the tower untill then? :-(

Check the date on posts young Wizard, that was September of LAST year. This bug has been long fixed, you're fine to head to Big Ben tower.

Mar 08, 2009
I am now having the same problem, but this time it is the silver chests not showing up for me. I completed the Big Ben quest and am now in Moo Shu, but I still have the silver chest quest active in my book.

The wooden chests showed up fine and opened for me. Then I got to the top and the gold chests appeared but would not open. I then went all the way back to the bottom and back up to the top looking for the silver chests, they just weren't there.

The only thing I can think that may have caused this is I exited the instance mission the first time I attempted it. During this first run, i started the quest with the chests and opened the wooden one. Then the next time I logged in, I still had the quest for the silver chests. I started the Big Ben instance a second time but the chest quest never reset.

Is this a quest that is only meant to be done a single time per character, or is it supposed to reset with the rest of the instance level?

If I have time this week, I'll try to run the instance again and provide additional feedback.