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Bug in Marleybone?

Oct 11, 2009
I can't do the Cat Strut quest in Marleybone. When I spoke to Zeke the quest that should have the yellow exclamation mark was gray, the he says "Dangit, i lost those stray cats," or something like that and nothing else happens. Is this some kind of glitch?

May 04, 2009
Before you can start Zeke's quest in your new world (Marleybone), make sure that you finished his quest in your previous world (Krokotopia). Did you get all of the beetles for him? If not, you can't start the new quest yet.

Jul 07, 2009
Did you complete the find the Beetles quest in Krokotopia? If you didn't, then you can't take Zeke's quests in any other world. If you did finish his quest in KT, then you should report it as a bug.

Christo HexShade Level 44 Pyromancer

Oct 11, 2009
Oh, I see. No I didn't finish his bettle quest in KT, but now I think I will! Thank you both. :D

Jan 27, 2010
Is there a minimum level requirement or something similar for any of the Zeke quests?
My wife and I ported (with the help of my higher-level mage) to Krokotopia, Marleybone, and Mooshu (ahead of schedule) to do the Zeke quests on 2 of our characters, completing them in order (first WC, then Krok, then Marley, then Moo) and had no problems. We're trying to do the same thing now on 2 different characters after completing the WC and Krok Zeke quests, but Zeke won't give either of us the quest in Marleybone. Just says that "darn it, lost the cats" line.
Again, we both have completed the "find the beetles" Zeke quest in Krok. We're both currently level 16 at the moment and still can't get the quest. I'm wondering if there's a level requirement similar to the Grizzleheim quests.