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How do i get to Krokotopia?

Mar 07, 2009
Make sure that you've finished Unicorn Way and the three Olde Towne areas (Triton Avenue, Cyclops Lane, and Firecat Alley). After completing the quests in those areas, which are essential to the primary storyline (now you can use quest finder to identify any you may have missed), Headmaster Ambrose will ask you to visit his office where you will pick up the quest "The Sixth School".

For this quest, you will be asked to talk to Bartelby in Ravenwood. Follow this quest line and you should be there in no time!

I hope I was able to give some sort of helpful insight into this topic.

Good luck and happy questing!

Feb 26, 2009
plumblossum wrote:
Colossus and Sunken City are two Wizard City Places that aren't required to play in order to get to Kroktopia.

Colossus is fun, try it anyway. Sunken City is scary and tough, DON'T ever do this one alone.
Till you get higher and also dont forget crab alley

Jun 20, 2015

Unicorn Way

Firecat Alley
Triton Avenue
Cyclops Lane

Colossus Boulevard (it prepares you for other worlds where you have to fight at leat 2 creatures at a time)


Lord Nightshade

Go to:

Headmaster Ambrose

Get quest:

"The Sixth School"

Follow directions on the quest


Alexandria Dreamcatcher,

Nov 14, 2014
vb23 on Jul 20, 2009 wrote:
Just wondering, do you have to be a certain level to go to Krokotopia?

Victoria Moonblossom
My higher level: Jacqueline UnicornDreamer
As far as I know, you don't have to beat a certain place or boss to get to Krok. You simply have to get to level 15. For me, that was Unicorn Way, everything off of Olde Town, and Colossus Bvld. Do that and you should be 15 or higher (especially if you do lots of side quests). So yeah, I guess you do have to beat certain places to get to level 15, just not to get to Krok.

Cole Stalker, level 49

Apr 28, 2012
To get to Krokotopia, you must complete all of the main storyline quests in Wizard City.

That includes:
- completing all of the streets in Olde Towne: Unicorn Way, Triton Avenue, Firecat Alley, Cyclops Lane (note: Colossus Boulevard is optional)
- defeating Lord Nightshade.

After you do, Headmaster Ambrose should summon you to his office and give you the spiral key

Good luck and happy wizarding!

~ Sabrina Winter

Jun 10, 2014
Steven Soul on Apr 12, 2015 wrote:
David, the spiral key is meant for the storyline so to continue the storyline you need to get the key. But if you can teleport to a friend that is in Krokatopia then you can go there, but you can only do side quests if you don't have the key to Krokatopia
lol now i am much higher lvl so i don't need it anymore, but thx anyway
btw i can't believe i asked that question XD now it feels so normal.

David LegendHunter

Jun 10, 2014
Squirrel The Hero on Jan 12, 2015 wrote:
Solo Sunken City, it's fun. I did it.
- Wolf MoonBlade
- Level 100 Death
- Level 86 Life
- Level 92 Ice
- Level 58 Balance
Yeah right, Which lvl?
because you can kill them one hit at lvl 30 and above
so it isn't special, i do solo it to, so


Have a nice day :D

Nov 30, 2014
Dude I know how you are feeling this exact same thing happened to me, but this is what you have to do.

So first you should stick with the main quest you get from Merle Ambrose and if you stick with that one you will be at Krokotopia in no time. Although if you want to get it all of Wizard City done than just get any open quest and do them. I think either need to beat Wizard City or be a certain level to get the Krokotopia quest from Merle Ambrose. You do need to remember Cyclops Lane, Firecat Alley, Triton Avenue, Crab Alley, and Krokotopia cost crowns so you will either need crowns or a membership.

This is all I know I hope this helped.

Level 34 ,, and Wizard

Nov 25, 2015
xXRaikouXx on Oct 29, 2008 wrote:
basically, beat firecat alley, triton avenue, cyclops lane, and colossus boulevard. also unicorn way.
I disagree with you since Colossus boulevard is a optional area for Exp.

Jul 08, 2013
You need to beat cyclops lane, firecat alley, triton avenue, and unicorn way, but I suggest doing colossus boulevyard, and crab alley is also optional.

Oct 08, 2013
Alright simple if your a member you should be able to go through the world tree in Raven wood. Once your in you pick the world, but you do have to be a certain level to go there. Hope this helped!

Feb 19, 2011
Dont get any side quests, and you will eventually be lead to krok

Mar 16, 2016
bowerz27 on Oct 28, 2008 wrote:
I just subscribed and I want to visit the new places. Anyone know how to get there?
Here is a #Guide.

Commons > Unicorn Way > Shopping District > Olde Town > Trition Avenue > Firecat Alley > Cyclops Lane > Haunted Cave > Krokotopia/Colossus Boulevard/Nightside/Crab Alley

Krokotopia Has magic and some more I don't care about.

Jun 30, 2012
After finishing all streets in Wizard City. You have to fight someone and get a key. Then you will get to go to other worlds.

- Erin Iceheart

Apr 10, 2011
Isaac FrostBlade on Jul 16, 2013 wrote:
Hello I'm Alex stormcaller but I'm level 33wizard but I'm stuck on krokshpinks and still not finishing it really hard can any one help and why is this happening

Help pleeeez
Nvm i started a new ice who is now lvl 110.

Apr 10, 2011
Isaac FrostBlade on Jul 16, 2013 wrote:
Hello I'm Alex stormcaller but I'm level 33wizard but I'm stuck on krokshpinks and still not finishing it really hard can any one help and why is this happening

Help pleeeez
Ye i'm level 62 ice now so meh...